Water Park Closures

Hello everyone.

We will be visiting from Ireland for the first time in October / November 2019.I see Blizzard Beach has closed for November the past few years ( and this year ).
Do you think this means BB will close first in 2019 also???

We desperately want Typhoon Lagoon to be open for those waves…

Thanks SO much for any advice/ info.

According to this, BB closes 10/28, and TL follows on 1/6


Thank you, yes I know the dates for this year, 2018.

We are coming in 2019 . I was just wondering is there any pattern/ would anyone know is there a way to predict which might close first in 2019 . Or would I need a crystal ball lol!!

Thank you.

Oh. Lol. I thought that was 2018-2019

Oh wait you’re wondering about 2019-2020

I thought they switch the sequence every year?

No It seems to have been BB closing first the last 3 or 4 years and now this year also. So 4 or 5 years in a row BB has closed the end of October and TL in early January.

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