Water Park and Sports Option

I’m struggling to fully understand the Water Park and Sports Option for tickets. It says that if you have a 4 day ticket (example) with this option that you can use it for four water park or sports options. Does this mean, you essentially can use the ticket on 8 days if you do not choose to go to a water park on a scheduled park day?

The examples they gave were a 4 day ticket with 4 visits to water parks/sports options or a 5 day ticket with 5 visits. Does this mean the number of water park/sports visits is always equal to the number of park days on your ticket?

Yes it’s like adding on the hopper option… good for the length of the ticket. I know I’ve read of some people getting a 4 day “and more” ticket and hit a park every other day and then do a water park or mini golf on the off days to make a full week vacation.

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That’s kind of what we’re thinking. DD19 really wants to try a water park or both. I was looking at a two day park hopper plus so we could have four days total. I keep thinking … what’s the catch?

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