Water Bottle Refill Machines

Where are the water bottle refill machines in the park? Are they located in a lot of places or do you have to walk awhile to find them?

I am only aware of 2 in the parks. The first is in the FOP queue at AK and the other is actually outside DHS at the new bathroom facility.

Seriously? Are there still only two, and only ONE of them actually in a park? This is ridiculous. Is Disney that desperate for your water money? Don’t they care about the environment? Isn’t that why every place is getting those fancy filtered water refill stations on their water fountains?

There is one in the Navi River Journey line (standby part) and I saw at least one in SW:GE in September 2019.

There are some more reported at the parks and resorts

  • SW:GE near the bathrooms at DHS

  • SWGE near exit to MFSR at DHS

  • Cosmic Ray’s at MK

  • Odyssey building at Epcot

  • New Restrooms between FW and WS at Epcot

  • Saratoga Springs main pool

  • Kidani Village bus stop at Animal Kingdom Lodge

  • Boardwalk Inn & Villas - near the tennis court



I just refill from the drinking fountains. Do the bottle refill stations have better water?

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Maybe, but I am not sure that they are filtered. I actually have limited experience using refill stations at WDW or the drinking fountains. I like the refill stations because they are easy to refill bottles at and are cooler than the fountains (we do most of our trips in 90 degree weather).

My family typically attempts to freeze water bottles overnight and/or fills up bottles with ice in the morning. Once in the parks, they get water at counter service and pour it into the bottle. Which often means standing in line at a counter service place when we have nothing else to order and then throwing away the water cup which Disney just gave us at no charge. I can see why it may be worth Disney’s money to install refill stations.

We just refill at the water fountains also and bring a Brita filter water bottle with us to the park.

Any quick service location will give you free water.

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I also found that if you load up with mostly ice in the morning and have 1 bottle per person it lasts pretty well through the day. You can always refill at your QS or TS at lunch.

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Exactly what I was going reply with. I loathe drinking fountains, so I refill water by asking for it at QS locations. Never had a problem, and they usually have it ready and waiting for people to ask.
ETA: Always surprised when I see people buying $4 water …

Less likely that some kid put their whole mouth over the nozzle.


I think whether you like the water fountain or filling station water at WDW depends on your home water source.

Our water source at home is ice melt. The water is held in reserviors. The minerals are very low. Therefore, we have a hard time drinking groundwater. We lived for a few months in an area that is serviced by groundwater. Even with a Brita filter, the water didn’t taste good to us. But we drank it, flavored with a bit of juice!

WDW water source is groundwater. So, we don’t care for the water fountain or filling station water. It tastes funny to us. QS and TS water must be highly filtered because it is delicious. We start off with a big bottle of water in the morning and refill with QS and TS throughout the day.

You must know my 3 year old! :smiley:

Maybe. I’ve found that when ice cold, it all tastes fine but the drinking fountain water gets a funny odor/ taste when it warms up.

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Perhaps it’s in our heads. But the ice cold water from QS and TS do come to room temperature pretty quickly in our technically single-use water bottles. Even at room temperature, the QS and TS water tastes good.

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The one at Cosmic Ray’s can be sort of tricky to find - it’s on the corner wall between the two large ordering windows. We used it last trip and it was very cold, probably filtered, and very fast to fill up water bottles. We needed directions from three CM’s to find it, but we’ll use it every time now.


Thanks! This will be a good water bottle refill spot for us. We like to stop in for a break in afternoon to see Sunny Eclipse.

We bring our own reusable water bottles and refill wherever – at meals, at drinking fountains, whatever’s convenient. The water tastes funny to us (not bad, but different from home) so we also bring many single-serve Crystal Lite packets to mix in. These are not an everyday thing at home, so it’s a major treat for the kids. I can’t handle paying $4 for bottled water. Pet peeve I guess.

The water refill stations like the ones in Cosmic Rays are filtered. There is a sensor that tells them when the filter needs to be replaced. In December when I used them the water was not cold. We have the same machines in schools and the water can be much colder.

We always pack our water bottle with ice at the hotel before we head into the parks, that helps keep the water we add to the bottles colder. Then I try to find the full your own soda stations (backlot express, Restaurantasourus etc) and pack it with ice again. Not perfect, but it gets us mostly through the day with coldish water.

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