Water Bottle Carry-Ins

Unable to get a straight answer on this from Google. I want to know if my son can bring a water bottle to Studios tomorrow. NOT the plastic disposable water bottles. I’m talking about the refillable stainless steel type bottles. Something I can put ice in before we leave and just keep filling. Universal’s site says “glassware” is prohibited. Do they define “glassware” as anything that isn’t disposable, or do they define it as actual glass?

He struggles more than most with the heat. I need to keep him hydrated without spending $5 on a water bottle once per hour. Hoping someone has had success bringing in stainless steel.

I’ve brought in reusable plastic water bottles many times. I don’t think you will have an issue with a stainless steel bottle.

We take Camelbak bottles with us anywhere we go, including Disney. We have never had a problem.

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Yes stainless steel are allowed.


Glassware = actual glass

Reusable bottles that are plastic or stainless steel are fine.

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My, DW, DBIL, and DSIL each had a stainless steel water bottle on our recent trip. They were permitted in with no issues at both UOR and WDW.

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You’ll be fine. Depending on the security person they might ask you to empty it before entering CityWalk (few years ago a stupid 16 year old decided to get alcohol poisoning on property through bringing vodka in a water bottle. for a few weeks no liquids were allowed from off property, thankfully that changed).

your best bet for water might be going up and asking for cups of water from food locations. stay cool!