Water at Starbucks at the Parks

Are we still able to get a cup of ice water at starbucks locations at the parks?

You can get ice water at any QS location throughout the parks


thanks for confirming!

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By any chance is your name Miss Chanandler Bong?


only on the TV guide :rofl:



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I would caution to make sure the water is coming from the fountain and not a large urn or pitcher. We grabbed cups from Sleepy Hollow and the water was skunky. DW said it came out of a large metal container, and not the fountain.

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Fun fact thanks to my niece…MK will give you water at Starbucks, but it is the only location that gives small cups - you can’t get it in the Venti or Trenta cups like you can at the other parks. The Starbucks water is delish.

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I thought they stopped this at all 4 parks recently? …and only do the small water cups everywhere now. Maybe I misread that…