Watching Hallowishes but not go to party

If you were going to watch Hallowises from outside the park where is the best place??

I want to hear the music too.

Poly beach or dock?
GF Dock?
TTC Ferry dock??
Somewhere else??

I do not know if I am going to do this, but want my best options.

For a “ground level” view, I found the deck at Narcoossee’s to be my favorite; I didn’t like the marina area at GF. CG is a very different view (14 stories up and off to the side a bit), but it’s pretty spectacular and is my favorite.

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Thank you. I know a lot of the places. As I have been here for a while. But i do not know which to do.

what about the observation deck at the Contemporary? I’m wondering if projections will be visible from this spot?

I figure projections outside main street a no. But the fireworks are among the best.

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