Watching FOF from Frontierland

If I plan on heading to somewhere in Frontierland to watch the parade, what could I put to get my TP to work? When I enter the parade, it takes me to MS. Would the Frontierland Shootout work? I’ve actually never caught the parade there, so I am not sure what to put. :smile:

Seen some reports of the steps at the Diamond Horseshoe being a good place and the steps help to elevate you a bit above the crowd. I’d probably just make a little note about the location change and then pick up where you left off on your TP.

And since you would see it go by in frontier land before mainstreet people, you can return to touring earlier. Just optimize in the app once you get ready to leave

Related question: if we have a1:00 ADR at LTT and want to see FOF, where should we head when we leave LTT? across the street? Just outside the door? Other?