Watching Fireworks if not attending Mickey Christmas


We will be at Magic Kingdom Nov 10 and 11th. One of the first days of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas. We did not buy tickets for the Christmas party- it is at the very end of our trip and I don't think we can handle one more thing. But I am disappointed we will miss the fireworks. Will the park have any fireworks before they kick all of us non-christmas people out? One can we go somewhere else and still see the fireworks. And what time will they be? We are staying at Caribbean Beach.


They will not have fireworks before the 7pm normal day closing. You can catch the holiday fireworks from the Boat Launch, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Poly... lots of places. And most will play the holiday music as well. They are pretty spectacular fireworks. They are normally around 9:30 on party nights.


Even though we are not staying at those resorts we can still go there to watch?


Yes the resorts are open to the public. The boat launch at Grand Floridian, the observation deck at Contemporary, and the beach at the Poly are all popular options. If you want to do something special you could get a late ADR at California Grill and just go up for drinks and desserts and watch from the rooftop of the hotel. That's a really spectacular view!


Great thank you!