Watch out World, here we come!

That’s awesome!

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Day 4 was Epcot day! We enjoyed PPO breakfast at GG and walked right on to Soarin’. When we were walking in, I asked if we were going to be lucky enough to get section B. The CM said, “if you want to wait until 9, then sure!” Lol. But to our surprise, they let our group ride in section B! It was awesome! We then headed over to TTWC just because, and wandered around the aquarium for a bit. When we finished up, I realized we were there longer than expected so we booked over to TT so not to lose our FPP. The kids then went on MS while DH and I headed over to get my AP magnet from F&W. The kids met up with us and we started what I called, our day of noshing! Stopped off in Norway so DD could meet Anna & Elsa, then rode FEA. After that DD and DSIL decided to head back to the hotel, said they were really tired. Initially, I was bummed because we had planned to eat our way around WS with them but, DH reminded me that flexibility is key in situations like this. Overstimulation happens to all of us, which isn’t always easy for me to admit to myself sometimes! Lol
DH and I enjoyed a wonderful day together, tasting around the world and just leisurely exploring WS, which was really fun for us!
This was also the kids last night in the Bubble so, they met back up with us in Epcot and they had dinner at Via Napoli. DH and I were so full, we just sat and watched them eat! Haha. After dinner, we caught Illuminations and then walked the kids out and said our goodbyes. DH and I stayed in the park a little longer just to let the crowds die down a bit.
It was a wonderful day and such a fun trip with the kids. First family vacation with DD as an adult and although I still had some “mom” moments, it was definitely a very different, and amazing, vacation with them. We’re already talking about our next trip together. :blush:

Wednesday starts the vacation with just DH and me…which I will share soon. I’m a little slower on updating than the more experienced liners. :heart:


Sounds like an amazing trip!