Watch out World, here we come!


Early start but we don’t care! We’re going home!!! Picking up the kids and then we’re off to the airport! Let the Magic begin!


Have a fantastic time! Maybe you’ll see OBNurse ir Randal at the world?!


Have a great trip!


Enjoy- looking forward to hearing about all the details!


I sure hope so!!!


An amazing first day! We got checked into AKL around 11:30, had lunch at Mara and were in our rooms before 2! We quickly unpacked and made our way over to HS. Upgraded to an AP and had the most amazing experience at Guest Relations. Timing was going our way today for sure. We enjoyed ToTx2, RnRC, SDD, TSMM,Frozen Sing Along and got some character pics with Buzz, Groot and Starlord Commander. Then wrapped the evening up with dinner at 50’s Prime Time Cafe. We’re exhausted but had a wonderful day!


Sounds like a great first day! I didn’t realize Groot was still there- my son would love to meet him next month when we go.


He was so dang cute! :heart:


Wow! Sounds like a perfect day!


Is he still in Disney presents?


What a great first day! I’m loving everyone sharing their trips on here as they go!




Omg this is the best news ever — we didn’t get to meet Groot last time and I’m hoping he’s still there in 9 days!!


Day 2 started early at AK but I had a liner fail! Completely didn’t realize park hours changed and I was behind on my schedule by an hour. I was starting to stress about it but my family helped me keep it together. Lol
We ended up riding Na’vix2, FOPx2, KS, EE(which was our longest wait of the day),KRR and still made it out of the park before 2!
We headed over to HS for the afternoon and rode ST, TSMM, ToT and RnRC. We enjoyed lunch at Sci-Fi Dine and got some shopping in too! Made it back to our hotel in time to catch an evening feeding of the animals before heading over to Sanna for dinner. AND, picked up my Halloween popcorn bucket! It was truly a spectacular day!!


Thanks for the trip report! Looks like you guys are having a blast.


Wow you got a ton in! Did you have FP for the rides at HS?


We did. I also have a DAS so that’s helped us on a few rides but mostly, we walked on to a lot of the rides without much of a wait.


This is awesome, particularly considering you didn’t get in at rope drop! Did you manage FOP twice just waiting in the regular stand by line both times or did you have fast passes?

Sounds like a great trip. Thank you for sharing!


I have DAS so that helped us out with the second time. We waited in que the first time around because I didn’t feel right about using DAS twice on the ride.


Day 3 had me feeling proud to be a liner! The day was supposed to let our DD and DSIL explore on their own at MK, while DH and I enjoyed a more leisurely day riding the monorail, resort hopping and then meeting up with the kids at DS for dinner and The Void. But…DD was bummed she wouldn’t experience MK with us (this was their first time in the World) and she was also worried she wouldn’t do well in the park without her momma’s guidance. Lol. So, DH and I scrapped our plans after breakfast and surprised the kids by meeting them at BTMR! They were so excited and thankful! DH and I didn’t have any FPP but we didn’t care because I knew I could grab something throughout the day or just walk on to rides with minimal wait times. We did use DAS for 7DMT and right when the train was entering the mine, the ride completely shut down! I’ve never had that happen in all my years of riding coasters lol. We ended up getting walked off the ride, were given anytime FP and free Disney ponchos. HA!
It rained a lot on Monday but we were very lucky. Every time the skies opened up, we were either on an indoor ride or we were eating.
We left the park around 4 and headed back to our hotel to freshen up before dinner and The Void. We got some shopping in at DS, enjoyed a great meal at Ragland Pub (including a round of Irish Car Bombs), and then headed over for our Star Wars experience. I must say, that was probably one of the best things we’ve done on this trip so far. Definitely worth it for us!!!
All in all, for a day that started out so different than planned, it couldn’t have gone any better.
I think this picture sums it up best!