WATCH OUT-- party Ticket FP on same profile as regular ticket FP

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Ok. It might not work. There are a few new reports on the Disboard saying some people are now unable to book FP on profiles with only a party ticket. Mine is still working but I am not confident it will work for everyone. I am not sure if it’s worth the headache for you.

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Totally agree!

Approximately how many. Days ahead is this happening to people? Mine are still OK so far… I’m not really sure how to unlink the party tickets. AK is in fact my last day and if those disappear I’m going to be pissed. I’m not sure what to do

I have not been able to figure out a pattern. Some people get a warning the 36-48 hours before but some are not getting any warning. The safest thing to do is to cancel any FP you booked with the party ticket entitlement. As long as you don’t have more days of FP than your magic my way ticket supports by itself then nothing should get cancelled.

How can this be accurate – 36 to 48 hours ahead? The parties don’t even start until the end of August so this wouldn’t make sense.

I’m not doubting you @AuntB_luvsDisney. I know you provide a ton of information both here and in chat. I guess I’m hesitant to believe the outside sources. But being totally transparent, I have to say this feels like panic mode and/or like a scam in a way. I’m not sure how people would get emails 36 to 48 hours ahead as stated above when there has not been any party yet. I’m very confused…

Over on the August FB page someone posted the email warning they received. If you participate on Disboards any there are multiple accounts there. When I said 36/48 hours ahead I meant Disney sends a warning email that you don’t have enough ticket media to cover the days of FP you have booked—not 36/48 hours ahead of the party. If you don’t correct your FP count then 36/48 hours later they delete the last day.

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What kind of ticket media do you have? Party ticket and how many regular ticket days? How many days of FP booked?

Has anyone gotten official word from WDW on this? As with all things both Disney and real life related, I’m always hesitant to believe any "rumor quote until and unless it comes from the horses mouth, so to speak.

I now understand what you mean by 36 to 48 hours. I’m sorry I misunderstood above. I’m shaking off the night shift i’m just beginning to wake up for the “day” :wink:

I have party ticket for day one followed by three park ticket days. I currently have four days of fast passes booked with AK being the last day.

One poster on Disboards posted a response he received from guest services regarding this issue. I hesitate to call it “official” but it is the only thing I have seen from Disney. This is happening to too many separate people (many who I know are reliable) for it to be panic mode/scam.

I think your last day of FP are at risk. I am not even sure if transferring the party ticket will help because I have seen reports of people doing this not being able to book FP once the party ticket is in the new account. Take a few minutes to read the Disboards thread and then decide on your comfort level. If it were me I would not put my AK FOP at risk. I would rather not have FP in MK.

Well I just tweeted. Tweeting seems to get the most immediate response from anyone these days

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And if it were me I would say that Disney is falling down on the job in notifying guess of changes. Once again! I’ve asked them for an official statement

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I guess in rethinking my AK FPP my FOP was booked for late in the day as we are planning to rope drop it anyway. So while I thought I was going to be upset if it gets canceled I think I’m not all that concerned now. I think now I’m more pissed that Disney is possibly doing this without notifying guests that there has been a change. In years past not only have guests made FPP with party tickets but I have had a CM assist me in doing so!

I think I will leave well enough alone for now, I hope for the best, and hope that WTW response to my tweet. I expect that they will

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Please let me know what they say. I have not quite mastered the twitter thing yet :flushed:

I’m not super good at it myself but I think I was able to get the message across. Here is the thread:

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So based on the initial response it sounds like Disney with a D was not aware that this is even an issue. Perhaps individual cast members have been trying to manage it on their own but it doesn’t sound like way up the chain anybody knew about this or intended for this to happen. They’re looking into it and will be responding soon

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