WATCH OUT-- party Ticket FP on same profile as regular ticket FP

Is your husband’s MDE linked to your MDE? The profiles must be different from your primary profiles. And then you would have to stop by guest services to get a RFID card in order to access your FP and party ticket for entry because they would no longer be linked to a profile with a MB.

Thank you!

I created a new MDE account and trying to drop party tickets from my original MDE account in order to bring them over to the new one. Can seem to see an option to drop anywhere. Is the only way to do this is to link both accounts and reassign? I assume that would still mean the party tickets are tied to the original account somehow?

I was wondering about this too

You must link as friends and family to reassign. After you transfer them over you can unlink if you would like. Make sure the new profiles have different names (like middle name) or MDE will sometimes merge then defeating the purpose of the dummy or secondary MDE profile.

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@yenly and @shanneepantslovesdisney remember RFID cards and MB can not be reassigned once they are linked to a profile. The digital ticket will move once reassigned but you must then get a RFID card (or MB) for the new profile to scan for party access and FP.

Thank you! You have been very helpful. I just reassigned the party tickets to the new MDE account. Before I unlinked the account, I want to confirm a few things:

  1. Since the new MDE doesn’t have a disney resort tied to it…I assume can’t make FPs at the 60 day mark for the party day but can do it at the 30 day mark

  2. I will have memory maker link to my main MDE account so on the party day, can I still use my MB to get pictures even though I will enter the park using the RFID card that isn’t linked to the MB?

Correct. Party ticket FP at 30 days. Umbrella does not work for party tickets.

Correct. I still wear my MB. Just remember to scan your card for the FP not your MB.

@AuntB_luvsDisney should the reassigned tickets show up on my 2nd MDE account? They say reassigned on the real account.

Yes you should see them on the new account/profiles.

I do not see them there

You don’t see them on your original MDE profiles and you don’t see them on the new MDE profiles? That is offf. Try logging out and logging back in. Try the browser version instead of the APP.

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Correct, On the original one it said reassigned but they did not show on the other “new” one. I am on the laptop doing it.

Thanks for you patience with this.

I did it this morning and all tickets go moved from original MDE accounts to the new one. Lol…after all is said and done, I decided I don’t want to risk photos not showing up in Memory Maker and since I’m only trying to squeeze in 3 rides, I’m not going to do it. Will move all party tickets back to original MDE and not make FP for this day.

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Is this something new. Last year I was able to make fp between 4 and 6 on party day using only party ticket. We went to party first day we there. I had party ticket and 4 days of park hopper tickets and made 5 days worth of fp

So has that changed? You can’t make fp on party day?

Yes this is new. You can still make the FP but many people are having their last day of FP cancelled as the system is not seeing a party ticket as FP entitled for some reason.

Wow, that sounds like a hassle and a half!

Yep might not be worth the extra effort

Did you find your tickets?

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I reversed everything and will try again!