Wasting Fastpasses at HS?

I’m second guessing my second-tier FP+ choices. We have Frozen Sing-along for after lunch and Star Tours around 11. We aren’t planning on doing the tower of terror or the rocking roller coaster. According to my TP, I don’t need to use the FP+ for Star Tours, and the book says we don’t really need one for the Frozen show, but I’m not sure if there is something else I should be using these FP+ on or I should just stick with these two anyway?!?!?

If you are not going to go on a Tower of Terror or RnR, I think you made good choices.

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I agree with Principal Tinker but you should REALLY do ToT !!! :wink:

We are in your exact same boat with no desire for TOT or RRC, so I am just making FP reservations for whatever else and if it is a “waste”, so be it :wink:

It’s not a waste if that’s what you enjoy. We actually had the same exact choices and it worked just fine. Think of it as insurance in case crowd levels or lines are higher than predicted that day.


When we went we did Frozen sing-a-long on our 2nd day because I wanted my daughter (who was then too short for ToT or Star Tours) to have a selection she enjoyed. And we all loved the sing-a-long too.

Just an FYI about fastpass for Frozen Sing-Along. They don’t let you in ahead of the standby crowd or into a special fastpass section. We were surprised to just be herded into the same waiting area with everyone else. It was already half full and when they let us in, people only went halfway down the rows of seats and then stopped. We had to move back several rows from where we started to be able to get in.

The fastpass guarantees you will get in but doesn’t help with seats at all.

Great to know, thanks!

TOT was one of the ride videos I watched with my son to see what he thought about riding it. He couldn’t even get through the intro part. The actual ride would probably be fine, it was the psychological terror he couldn’t handle.

How old is he ? It looks much worse than it actually is (my son was OK at 4 years old) but you definitely know your kid best and I hope I don’t sound like I’m trying to tell you what to do but I just love that ride so much LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The intro part is the scary part. My youngest was traumatized by it at 7 years old. She didn’t mind the drops. It was all of the Twilight Zone stuff that terrified her.

Yes, that’s my son. He’s 9, and he usually doesn’t get freaked out- he loves the new Series of Unfortunate Events, for example, but once in a while something gets to him. We watched the Goonies recently, and he was fine until the end when the kids came across the pirates on the ship. For some reason they freaked him out. Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Fine. Skeletons on Goonies? no way. I think he has a very active imagination and the suggestion of creepiness is actually worse for him - he got a creepy feeling from the TOT intro and couldn’t finish watching it. He’s since considered riding it, but it’s on our “we’ll see” list rather than top priority. Without that intro, I think he’d want to do it in a heartbeat.

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TOT is a great ride and DD11 did enjoy it on our recent trip, but she still talks about how terrifying that intro was at age seven! We wouldn’t have been able to get her back on the ride even a year or two ago!

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What does the ride actually “feel” like? I am not even considering it because everyone in my party (myself included) hates that falling feeling, but I would love to see all the other stuff.

It feels like a lot of those ‘‘falling’’ rides in other theme parks but a relatively mellow version.

I used mine for SDD, Star tours & the little mermaid show :slight_smile:
I know that almost no one would use it there, but last time I was there in Jan, we got in line during a show & then didn’t get into the next one. So this time I used it.
I was there on a Sat & even though it was a CL 4 all the lines were long
Just like Frozen you don’t get a ‘better’ seat, but you know that you won’t have to wait through a show.
I can’t do ToT or RnRC (neck issues) but even if a FP isn’t saving ‘significant’ time, sometimes 5 or 10 minutes can feel like a lot LOL

It is difficult to make a comparison. In many ways, the falling sensation is worse on ToT because you don’t just drop once, but multiple times, up, down, big drops, little drops.

But at the same time, that’s partly what makes ToT so much better than other drop tower rides. The experience manages to transform what is just an anticipation of falling to a flat out fun (terrifying?) experience. My DS6 rode it on our last trip and liked it. He was nervous to try it, but when my wife said she’d do it (something she previously had vowed she would never do!) if he did, well, they both did it! In a previous trip, it was our DD who was the first to brave it, showing up her three older brothers who then followed suit.

Now, it is a must-do ride for everyone.


If you “hate” that falling feeling, then TOT might not be for you. You do know that being scared for your life is like 80% of the thrill, right? You’re SUPPOSED to be scared when you fall. Personally, I think TOT is the best ride in WDW. (Nobody in my fam will go on it with me - hoping to rectify that soon.)

I hate the falling feeling but I would never skip TOT and we ride it multiple times. It’s a really fun ride. But yes, your stomach will bounce into your mouth, and back and forth!


My husband has a fear of heights and hates the typical six flag drop tower. He refuses to do it. BUT ToT he loves. The story of it, the little glimpse out, the random drops— I don’t feel like the drops are long enough to feel like you’re dropping a lot. Your brain can hardly catch up.

We could ride this ride all day long. It’s my favorite Disney ride.

My dd went at about age 6/7 and was freaked out by the storyline. It ruined the ride for her. Now we are going again and she’s 10. She swore she did not want to do it, and so we were talking about the chicken exit and what not, but in the course of that we showed her youtube video of it and she feels like it’s not actually as scary as she remembers. So she thinks she’ll try it. We’ll see.