Was the Disney movie club worth it to you?

hi all. I was looking into the disney movie club, and wanted to see what the experience was from folks here who have joined. Did you think it was a good value, or did you wish you would have just bought what you would have wanted out of pocket elsewhere? Is there any way to tell when a movie is going into our coming out of the vault? Any other tips and tricks to know about? Thanks!

We’ve been members for a few years now and I feel like it’s been a good experience overall. If you plan to only ever buy one movie at a time it is not the best deal available. Where you start to save money is when you buy multiple movies as you generally get 40-60% off of other titles after you purchase the first at full price. Now if you join using a Disney Visa you get an extra movie for $1 with your signup bonus.

Our commitment was easily filled as we were buying Blu-Ray’s and replacing our dvd copies. I highly recommend you join the blu-ray version of the site. They come with DVD’s and Blu-Rays in the same package so you are future proofing your collection. Once you have filled your commitment you get access to additional sales, and with every order you can select a free pin that is exclusive to VIP DMC members.

You can accept or decline online so it’s very easy. We’ve only forgotten one time and it was totally our fault. Now we just order a couple of times a year when they offer the 60% off and typically order 6 or 7 movies at once to maximize our discount.

As for the vault question there is no way of knowing before the general public knows. Disney typically announces a movie coming out of the vault more than six months in advance and the featured title is often a pre-order of that title. They do send us an email when one is about to go back in as a ‘last chance to order’ offer but that info isn’t specific to club members.

We don’t have any plans to cancel anytime soon. Hope the information helps.


I just joined earlier this summer and I like it so far. I am half way through my committment requirement and have had no problem.

What I thought was really cool was I ordered muppets most wanted and the dvd release date is tomorrow. It shipped last week so I assume I will get it tomorrow according to the tracking they put on it.

I am going to do the same with Sleeping Beauty when it comes out next month – and I"ll order another movie we have been wanting to get a discount (as @Outer1 said).

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My wife signed up and didn’t always decline in time. Two words sum up why I made her cancel: Wild Hogs


Lol it used to be setup where you had to decline by mail, but now you get an email and it takes two seconds to do. @dc pre orders do normally arrive in release date. Sorry can’t tag in my phone still.

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thanks everyone. @Outer1, when you buy multiple movies at a discount, do they count as your required (5) purchases for the year?

No only those that you pay full price for. I don’t think it all has to be done in one year though, I think it’s two.

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I’m aware of this. If I had gotten the email, Mars needs moms wouldn’t have slipped through either


We like it so far. I have only forgotten to decline once so I have an unopened blu-Ray of the pirate fairy (already had it) waiting to regift. I respond right away to the emails now.

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I believe I have a millli vanilli coaster (aka cd) from the columbia record club that way

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We have a copy of the lone ranger for the same reason and waiting for the same thing lol.

Any digital copies available?

We buy movies by the dozen once or twice a year, so very worth it for us. I think last load was 23 titles, some with multiple movies, most on BluRay or multi format, and some out of print stuff for $220 after tax and shipping.

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Yes. Digital titles are relatively new to Disney but any movies that were released commercially with it available are also available through the club. Since we joined the Blu-Ray club the monthly selection is usually the Blu Ray+Dvd+Digital Copy edition.

When they launched the Disney Movies Anywhere program and made it available to link with Vudu we got the surprise bonus that some of our movies bought without digital copies became available from when we’d entered the codes in the movie rewards program. The most notable one was the Collector’s set of Toy Story trilogy that we bought probably 4 or so years ago.

We enjoyed it but did cancel about two years ago since we are now more of the dvr and save family :wink: we did get movies we love and I really liked the rewards club… Which I actually won a sweepstakes and got a $500 disney gift card!!! It was amazing… I didn’t think people really won :slight_smile: haha!

Very cool! This was the reason I hadn’t joined until this point. Thanks!

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Yes! I am now a VIP member and have fulfilled my 5 movie commitment.