Was switching my HS date the right move?

So I had planned to go to HS on December 8th (Sunday) which had EMH at 8 am. Due to Seaworld not offering an event on my scheduled day there I flipped that to December 8th and moved my HS day to December 9th (Monday). Just wondering if I made the right move? What would people choose an EMH on a weekend or a no EMH on a weekday ( which would hopefully have lower crowds due to Crowd calender).
I know there is a lot of unknown with the new start wars ride opening on the 5th but just wondering what people would do based on the current info we have now. Thanks.

If staying onsite, I.e. access to EMH, I would always use it, especially for a park with a brand new ride.

Done properly it’s a walk on for any ride of your choice - we did MFSR, AFoP and 7DMT this way (notably during EEMH, but that’s just a question of how early you get there), and for a ride with no FPPs available it’s going to be the only way to get on it without a wait I’d think.

Arguably though, a non-EMH day is still the same principle, just with more competition. I’d still prefer the EMH day I think - I’ve always used them as for your second and third ride for instance you want less people in the park overall. I wouldn’t factor the weekend into my calculations for WDW - though I might it it was DLR I was heading to. Crowd level might dictate whether I stayed in the park, but not whether I went there in the first place.

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Thanks we are onsite which I specifically arranged for EMH but then I changed it lol without thinking. I was able to get better fast pass times for the 9th. I am hopefully that HS is going to offer more EMH or EEMH since the new ride will be open. If I switch it back to the 8th it really throws a wrench in my plans but would be doable. I will need to make up my mind soon before the 30 day window opens for off site people to make FPS.

Based on what I’ve read that did some data analysis of this, the conclusion is that the benefit of EMH is suspect, overall.

The trouble is that days that have EMH tend to draw in a larger on-site resort crowd. So while you might get more done in that first hour, the rest of the day might end up having longer lines and undo that benefit.

So, the second recommendation is to do EMH at that park, then hop to another once crowds start to pick up (by noonish). The trouble is, this, again, tends to undo the advantage you gained by using EMH because you are wasting time actually hopping from one park to another.

There is also some thought that off-site guests will be more likely to avoid the park that has EMH and so might balance the increase in resort guests using EMH.

I think the conclusion, then, is to not really worry too much about EMH in your planning (unless you are planning to do a highly coordinated/planned visit)…but if you happen to go to a park that has EMH on a given day, to make sure you go during the EMH time period!


All of that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:. We are just doing one park day (HS) and MVMCP. Other days are seaworld and Universal. So my schedule is tight given that it is only a week trip.

This is my philosophy. If you are going to a park that hosts EMH you need to commit to using it and get there 30+ minutes before it starts.

Agreed. I don’t hop nearly as much as I used to because of this. Even with having your own car it can still take 40 minutes to leave / hop / go through security and “really” be in the next park.

I do all the big “E-ticket” stuff I can during EMH and the next hour after. Then I hit all the smaller items. IMHO - early shows are great in this time as they are less crowded. By having a plan and committing to being at EMH for the full time you’ll be ahead of most other guests who just wander in and then ask, “What do you want to to do first?”

The horror…

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To which I answer, “Hit the restroom!” :slight_smile:


I don’t use EMH unless I have PH tickets. Don’t want to spend the day in the park that intentionally attracted the most people.

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