Was anyone at MK Tuesday 1/25/2022?

MK was scheduled to close early (4:30pm) on Tuesday 1/25/2022 for a cast member celebration. (It wound up being postponed due to unusually cold & wet weather, but the closure at 4:30pm stayed in place).

TP has the Actual Crowd Level at a 1 for that day. I avoided going there, thinking it would be pointless since it closed so early. But now, looking back at the ACL, I wish I had gone!

So, I’m wondering from anyone that was there that day… was everything walk-on?

I don’t believe everything was a walk on.

You can check measured wait times per day, per attraction on TP’s blog.

There were some Touring Plans WDW Chat users there that day.

Just pop in and ask-

Scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then click WDW Chat for on the ground intel-

Nothing was really walk-on.


Looking at the green dots, the headliners averaged:

BTMR 8 minutes
HM 12 minutes
JC 20 minutes
PPF 45 minutes
SDMT 40 minutes
SM 10 minutes

I was at MK the day prior, and that was a zoo! Everyone avoided the early close, so I think that would be a perfect day!