Want to catch a gem at PhilharMagic

I’d like to pull the “caught a red gem” during PhilharMagic. If you’ve done it, where did you get the gem from? The only one I like on Amazon is made of glass but plastic is safer for DS to handle.

most craft stores will have them (hobby lobby, Michael’s, Joann’s, etc.)

I found red plastic gems on Amazon.

For some reason I thought it had to be a huge gem. I suppose a small one is better in many ways. Thank you!

If you’ve seen the pirate / treasure chests and the little velvet bags you fill up, that’s the size. I can’t promise it, but the gift shop at Pirate of the Car have always just given me one. Other places where magical interaction is fun:

  • 7 dwarves mine train, “steal” a larger gem
  • It’s tough to be a bug, small yellow butterfly
  • Muppets 3D red ball nose
  • Soarin golf ball
  • Space mountain catch a star
  • Haunted mansion, hitchhiking ghost “bone” can be small
  • Spaceship earth, any old plastic letter, and you can “thank the phoenicians”
  • Expedition Everest, a snowflake from the top of the mountain or Brown / grey yeti fur as you speed by

Be sure to write a wish in the wishing book at pinochio house (bring your own pen). Toss a coin in a fountain at PORS or POFQ, catch a firework from wishes (anything sparkly works on this one)

My son is 11, or in Disney terms 9 for the third time. We go way too often. He LOVES and believes in every single one of these.


Full disclosure: I just brought one of DS’s existing pirate treasure gems with us and “caught” it in Philharmagic. Didn’t even buy anything new! I think what we had gotten him was from this set: http://www.amazon.com/Assorted-Pirate-Gems-set-12/dp/B00365HTO6

Thanks for all the great ideas!

This is all new to me. How does this work?

Various attractions and some rides at Disney World lend themselves to parents reaching out and catching some of the magic to give to their child. The easiest example is Philharmagic which is a 4D theater presentation / movie. At one point the treasure chest explodes “out of the screen” when Ariel opens it. SO parents “catch” a red ruby (the most obvious of the stones) from the air and give it to their child. Takes some acting but once the child believes it adds that much more magic to WDW


I love this! Just got 2 stones on Amazon to take with for my sons. Thank you for the great idea.

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Thanks all. Just what I needed and more!

Having never seen philharmagic or rode 7DMT, how big of a gem do you suggest?

Here is a posting that I saw. Hope the link works.


What a neat idea.

“or in Disney terms 9 for the third time”

—Priceless, made me laugh!

Are there any other things for AK? Or is Expedition Everest the only one?

Four years ago as we were walking out of Soarin’ an older man gave my then five year-old daughter a plastic golf ball and told her he had caught it! She thought that was amazing and I totally fell for it too…we still talk about it to this day and when we were there last Sept. we all watched for the golf ball to “shoot out” from somewhere :joy: :joy: :joy: I’m dying now that I know it’s Disney insider “magic”!!! I’ll be taking these “magical” tips with me on our trip this year! Thanks!

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