Want to add a day, no room available, seeking advice

Hello … I’ve been lurking, er, reading, since January 2019 and have learned A LOT from your posts. Back story: My DS’s (15) HS marching band will play at MK on 11/25, with trip spanning 11/22-11/26, staying at one of the All-Stars, so DH (42), DS (4) and I have decided to tag along and tack on a few days for a family trip and to celebrate my youngest’s 5th bd on 11/28.

Before the last price increase, I purchased 8-day park hoppers for the three of us (yep, over-bought, too late now) through UT and booked a room-only standard room at CB, 11/22-11/28. I’d like to add a night, am unable to edit my trip online and must call to make changes. I called once about a month ago and as you might expect, given the timing, there are no standard rooms for an extra night. They tried to sell me a pirate room, which is a big nope as DH and I are not small people and would never make it. Anyway, I need to book airfare in the next few days, which means I need to figure out what I am going to do about this room. Does anyone have insight as to how likely it is that if I call every day that I might eventually be able to add a night in a standard room at CB at this time of year? I hate to buy a plane ticket to stay an extra night if I don’t know that we can stay.

Thanks in advance for your insight and/or advice.

Have you checked Swan, Dolphin, and the Disney Springs hotels? I think Disney will even transfer your luggage to the Swan or Dolphin, but hopefully someone with split stay experience can chime in on that.

Are you planning to rent a car? If you’re doing that anyway, I’d just tack an offsite stay onto the end of the trip. If not, there might be transportation questions to figure out.

Are you set on CB resort only? I just checked availability and there are rooms at Coronado and POR.
Luggage will be definitely transferred in this case and you get to experience another resort.

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Check airfare for both days too. You might find that the airfare is cheaper when you stay the extra day and will offset a more expensive room. Not exactly what you probably want to hear, but it could help.

Also I’ll add another vote for Swan/Dolphin. Fantastic hotels with a great pool!

At the very worst, remember that 8th day only added about $10 per person to your tickets, so I wouldn’t spend a bunch trying to recover that cost.

Edit: and welcome to the Forum!

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Thanks for your replies, @eug2506 and @heidelj. I ended up deciding to keep the dates as they are but appreciate your suggestions and will certainly bear them in mind for our next trip.