Wanna give me guidance on my plan?

Here is my plan for HS day 12/28…8 am open, Now I know I have some odd duck FP+ times…we have a group of 7, and Mom and Grandma are weanies, not riding RNR or Star Tours so 8 year old SuperGirl can do Frozen, TSMM, RNR and TOT with someone else’s magic band. :slight_smile: Gaga and Mom don’t mind hanging out watching the mass of humanity travel by us!

TSMM (or RNR, TOT…for big kids)
Toy Story Characters
9:40 FP+ for Frozen Sing Along
11:00 FP+ Star Tours
Lunch, Backlot Express
12:55 FP+ TOT
1:55 FP+ RNR
3:10 FP+ TSMM

Perhaps here a 4th FP+ for GMR, or Indiana Jones show for the 5 who are not doing TSMM…

4:45 Minnie’s Hoilday Dine at Hollywood and Vine, with F! seating

6:30 Fantasmic(for 7pm show)

After, Osborne Family Lights and head back to the Poly


Mary Anne

I do not think you can plan on having any extra FPs during that week! Have you also seen the new Star Wars offerings? Will you stay away or try to experience some of them? I love your plan for FPs, dinner and F!