Wanna critique my touring plan?

Hey y’all. I’m usually a chat person, so thanks in advance for helping me out. The link is to my touring plan. This is for the first day of a surprise trip. My family consists of DD7, DS8, DD10, husband and I. I’m the only one who has ever been to WDW; it’s everyone else’s first trip. Nobody in my family except DH would be interested in TT, SOAT, or Mission: Space. I don’t want to overwhelm the kids with too much on the first day. Suggestions on attractions and especially on how we use FPP? http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1573167

I am a little confused- you have FP times on the top of your plan that do not seem to be the same time as those on your plan? Are you staying on site or off? Can you make FPs yet?

I would only try to get a FP for Soarin- the rest of your plan you hardly have a wait for anything. You have others listed, but I wouldn’t bother. Once you have Soarin’ locked down- take whatever they give you as early as you can get them so they expire since you want one for Illuminations. I have never been to the Illuminations FP area, but most of what I have read is that it is overcrowded and not worth it- but again, just relating what I have read. Other than that looks good with basically no wait. Make sure you get to the turnstiles 30 min or so early so those wait times don’t climb :smile:

I am concerned that it is a very long day and maybe you might need a bigger break?

Thank you!

It is a long day. I fully anticipate that we will not see illuminations. We are going to let the kids dictate the afternoon. That 5 minute “break” at 12:15 was just to enter notes. I allowed 2 hrs at via Napoli, and the 30 min dinner break was what the TP entered automatically.

I don’t have any FPP yet- we are offsite and my day isn’t here yet. I was looking for recommendations of what would need FPP and what wouldn’t considering we are only doing one true headliner in Epcot.

This is a good point. Should have looked at your travel party before commenting…

I went back in and looked at your rest time- you have 3 hours built in, but it is IN THE PARK. Your kids are pretty young, and EP is a LOT of walking. Plan some rest the next day early if they wind up doing OK.

My boys could do about 3-4 hours before needing either a long food break, or time out of the park when they were 7 and 8. When we did nighttime entertainment, we usually did some time in a park in the AM until lunch, sometimes as late as 1 PM- then took the entire rest of the day off. After a nap, we would then come back around 6 PM or so.

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Ai was thinking even if you leave Epcot through international gateway and go sit in the YC or BC lobby for a while. They have large stuffed chairs, and there is a lovely sunroom across from the store. Lots of places to just relax!

I think this is a GREAT plan so long as you keep in mind what you have already indicated: After lunch at Via Napoli, you might just call it a day, head back to house/hotel, swim, take it easy. Possibly return to Epcot later for Illuminations and/or supper and/or one last ride.
A couple points:

  • 3 Caballeros is cute but highly over-rated, so don’t drag your tired/crabby family to it with any promises or expectations that they’ll be impressed. They won’t.
  • Consider a fast pass to the Character Spot if possible - they may want to meet/get some photos with them since they’ll be fresh landed/excited to be there.
  • Build in a few minutes to play at the exit from both Spaceship Earth (our kids need about 15) and Figment (our kids need about 5-10).