Walt's Hidden Hand

Here’s something my DD found on our trip in early January that I think is pretty special. We were on Tom Sawyer’s Island and had gone through the escape tunnel from Fort Langhorne. I exited into the sunlight before her and she called me back to show me that she’d found Walt Disney’s initials carved into the stone. Sure enough, carved into the stone, much like the real initials Walt himself carved into his school desk on display in One Man’s Dream, were the letters WD.

I enhanced the photo a bit because my original shot was pretty bad due to the low light in the cave and my being an excited wiggle-worm.

They seem to be carved there on purpose as part of the design - like an authentic Hidden Mickey - almost as if this was the artist’s signature on his work.

You can find the initials just inside the exit of the escape tunnel from Fort Langhorne on the north side of the island. They are at low eye-level on your right if you’re exiting the tunnel, and on your left if you’re going in the exit.

I’ve googled til my fingers bled, but I can’t find any fan-site references to this amazing hidden magic. Have any of you ever seen or heard of this treasure from the past?

Imagineers, hoax, or a ghostly visitor? You decide.


Very cool. If you are getting bleeding fingers from googling, you are doing it wrong! :smiley:

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Ha! I guess maybe I coulda possibly been slightly exaggerating… a little, @NeedaTurkeyLeg.

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