Walt Disney World Railroad - MK - 60 Minutes Total?

On our MK touring plan, we want to board the Walt Disney World railroad at the Fantasyland station and disembark in Frontierland. I believe the train make a trip all the way around in 20 minutes. But when I enter steps for the Fantasyland station, the Main Street station and the Frontierland station (to indicate the route on the map), it assigns 20 minutes to each. This messes up the steps and timing on every step subsequent to the Fantasyland station. Is there a way around this? Should I just not enter steps for the Main Street and Frontierland stations?

That sounds like a good workaround idea.

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Are you also building in time for guest to exit/be seated at each station?


Thank you. With all three stations the plan shows 60 minutes when it should be about 15. I get too hung up on the map, thinking it should be “exact” as to where we’ll be at a certain time!

I did not factor in loading/unloading times but TP gives 8 minute waits for each station, so that must be how it’s accounted for.

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We rode it on Dec 26th, when it had only been running for a couple of days and there was only one train.

We were at the front of the line for loading and it took over 5 minutes at each station. We only rode it to Fantasyland from Main Street, and it took over 30 minutes.

The 20 minutes per station will be allowing for waiting for a train and then disembarking and loading. But even if you’re already on the train at the station, you still have to wait for that process each time.

I think 40 minutes is the absolute minimum time for a full loop.


But - the frustrating piece is that TP doesn’t let you pick where you are disembarking. Therefore, if I input it as railroad - fantasyland, it thinks I’m taking the full loop back to fantasyland rather than stopping at Frontierland. If my next attraction in the plan is in Frontierland, the plan has me walking from the fantasyland train to the Frontierland attraction.

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I’m really confused now. I thought the complaint was that it allowed 20 minutes for each leg and doesn’t allow for a complete loop.

How long does it say it will take to do the full loop in your plan?

I agree with UnPocoLoco. If I embark at Fantasyland and disembark at Frontierland and put both stops in, the TP loads 40 minutes into the schedule but that’s how much time it takes for a complete loop. If I don’t put in a step in Frontierland, it loads a 10-minute walk time from the Fantasyland station to the Frontierland station. As I calculate it, to ride the train from Fantasyland to Frontierland should take 30 minutes without a 10-minute walk.

I think they are giving us the time for a full loop.

It loads 20 minutes duration per station plus 8 minute wait times per station and walk times of 9 minutes for Fantasyland to Main Street and 12 minutes from Main Street to Frontierland. That’s 105 minutes. But the actual time should be how long it takes to get on the train and travel from the first station to the last station with a second loading/unloading time at a station in the the middle. There should be no walk time.

I disagree. I think that’s saying:

8 minutes wait for the train to arrive
20 minutes to

  • wait for people to disembark and you to get on
  • Journey to the next station
  • Disembark
    Walk from Main Street station to Big Thunder

Edited to clarify

I could be wrong though.

@len, can you shed any light on this?

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That’s interesting - the walking time is from Main Street to BTMRR. I hadn’t considered that!

I think it’s the 8 minutes of waiting for the train that’s throwing it off. Because you’d be on the same train, that doesn’t apply of course.

If you’re doing a full loop I would use a workaround of having a break of 45 minutes to ride it round.

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Yes, 45 minutes makes more sense than 105! The TP was screwing up a meal break and saying we can’t get to the parade on time (in Frontierland).

It seems like TP should add options for the train with varying times that include going from a certain station to the next stop (current implementation), going two stops, or going the full loop.


Yes! That would be incredibly helpful

Indeed, I agree that options which would account for these circumstances would be very helpful. There are probably many people who take the train from one station to a second or third station rather than for the whole loop. TP loads much more time than it takes for train travel from one station to another.

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Does anyone have any idea if this has been resolved in TP? I will be getting on at Frontierland station after eating at Pecos Bill’s intending to get off at Fantasyland where my next ride is Barnstormer. It doesn’t take 10 mins to walk from Pecos Bill’s to the Frontierland station, nor will it take 20 mins to get from Frontierland to Fantasyland.

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I did a quick trial. This is what I see. It is still problematic. The round trip, no stops, is 20 -25 mins. But each station can take 5-10 mins. The trip to Fantasyland should take around 10 mins or so?
It looks like you need a work around. Add 4 mins for the walk from Pecos Bills, the wait time for the train in your plan, 10 mins for the trip and 5 mins to exit train and walk to a fantasy land attraction. Make that a “break” after Pecos Bills, then add a Fantasyland attraction. You might not take quite this long but this should suffice.

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