Walt Disney Company Second Quarter FY 21 Earning Webcast starts today at 4:30 PM EDT

Most of the information presented was planned out well in advance but they usually take questions from investment analysts, maybe new CDC announcement and its effect on WDW comes up.

I would listen but I have to leave soon to go to DD16 Spring Choral Performance.


Chapek saying they’ve already started the process of expanding park capacity. “I think you’ll see an immediate increase in the number of folks that we are able to admit into our parks through our reservation systems that were recently implemented.”


No fast pass could quickly become an issue.


WDW parks demand is growing and even with what they saw in FY 2019. There won’t be a problem filling the parks when capacity is increased. Per person spending per park visitor is higher than before, partly because of the automation that is now in place. About 80% of CM’s they’ve asked to return have returned. They’ve had not problems getting CMs to come back.


Thank you so much for reporting what is said. I really appreciate it.


what are these new loyalty programs?

Chapek also spoke very positively of the CDC news today, mentioning how the parks should be much more pleasant this summer so I think the requirements will be going away sooner rather than later.

(Hopefully the plexiglass on rides and queues, too)


let’s hope there stock comes back. $178 earlier today down from $222 6 months ago.

My interest in going in June if it’s going to be more crowded is waning.

Chapek also seemed really excited about the new “Loyalty Program” thing that will at least be replacing the APs in DL. Not sure how it’s really going to be that different from what they previously offered but it’s supposed to advance the guest experience and make Disney more money so…:woman_shrugging:

this sums up the webcast a bit too

Disney World is raising capacity, and new mask guidance is ‘big news’ for a hot Orlando summer, CEO says

Disney’s CEO disclosed attendance is going up at Walt Disney World. The parks’ policy could be going away soon, he hinted although he didn’t say when.
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$203 was the 52 week high in March.

They are going to have to address it - it’s getting a bit awkward :grimacing:


Immediate at least does not mean within 2 hours of the announcement. :joy: (I hope it stays this way - I don’t want more visitors flooding the parks when I’m there end of next week.)




same! Not enough time on the ground to adjust to capacity changes for us

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I am very leery about anything Chapek puts forth that makes him “excited” when it comes to anything resembling Annual Passes. He has already said AP holders aren’t as valuable as one-off ticket holders when referring to WDW guests and we know he was happy to nix the current AP program over in DLR.

Accountants…ssssstart your calculators!!


Oh, it definitely remains to be seen how happy (or not) guests will be with the new program. I was an AP holder at DL. In 2019. I decided not to renew for 2020 both because of the price and because of my WDW vacation that was scheduled for May 2020. I’m curious to see what they offer but expect it will be more for any like what I had before.

If bookings are at 2019 levels, I am hoping for a stream of announcements on resorts, entertainment and restaurants. I hope they have enough CMs for a full opening.