Walmart grocery delivery to a resort

Has anyone had Walmart + deliver to their resort? I use the delivery service every week at home. We will be staying at the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness in two weeks. I wanted to place the order for our arrival day. Also, is there a resort fee for the delivery?
Mary Jo

I’m curious too because I was planning on getting a delivery at OKW in a couple weeks.

“ Getting Grocery Orders Delivered to Your Disney Resort Hotel Room

Grocery deliveries are subject to the Disney Resort hotel’s policies and may be unavailable, limited or restricted. If the delivery service vendor requires age or ID verification, Guests are required to meet and accept delivery directly from the vendor; Disney Resort hotels will not accept delivery of such orders on behalf of any Guest.

For other grocery orders delivered to the Disney Resort hotel during your vacation, a $6 fee will be charged to your room account for each grocery delivery order brought to your room by Bell Services or Luggage Assistance. Alternatively, these deliveries may be picked up in the Resort Lobby from Bell Services or Luggage Assistance at no charge.”

(I’m hoping others will chime in if their recent personal experiences are different)

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We were charged the $6 for our Instacart deliveries to Beach Club and AKL in May 2021. We decided to use Instacart / Publix due to the balance of offerings and price. Walmart should be fine too, though.

DW just reminded me that we didn’t even look into Walmart - we looked at Amazon, Garden Grocers, Instacart, and maybe one other. I don’t think we knew Walmart delivers groceries. I just looked up that they do deliver, but do you know for sure they deliver to Disney resorts?

Hi! Just checking if you ended up using Walmart and if so how did it go? I’m trying to figure out groceries for my trip. Thanks!

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I did have Walmart+ deliver to OKW. I even had wine in my order and they left it at bell services without me being there or signing for it. It was a little frustrating bc we were hanging around the room waiting for it and even gave them delivery info for my building, but they never even called to say they were on their way. I just got an email from Walmart saying it had been delivered and asking how my service was.

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Thanks! That’s great info and good to know! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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My understanding is that they will only deliver to Bell Services. We did not pay any extra charges to Disney last week for grocery delivery from Walmart. Just make sure that if you have ordered anything that needs to be refrigerated, that Bell Services gets that for you too when you pickup your order. We didn’t realize that they hadn’t given us our refrigerated stuff when we picked it up and had to make the long trek back from our room at AoA to retrieve the rest of our order.

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