Walkway from Boardwalk to Studios

Does anyone know how long the walkway is going to be closed? We have booked to stay in the Boardwalk Villas because of location but I hear that because of the Gondola station the path is closed.

There were rumours about the IG being closed. Which it isn’t as fast I know, and almost certainly won’t be either.

No reason for the walkway to DHS to be closed. The boats may not be running, or not to Epcot anyway. Not sure about the boats to DHS. But if they do stop, they will put on buses instead.

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I know the boats are going to be closed from November 28th-December 18th? I do not hear the walk way would be closed but that I expect it is possible due to the construction next to the path?

I guess since they’re stringing the cables, it’s possible they might have to close the path for a short time for safety reasons.

But I don’t think the gondola route goes along the river, it heads over to CBR across the parking lot of the BWI / BWV.

I think the HS station is right at the end of the path, or close to it?

As of Wednesday of this week it was still open. I have not heard of any definite dates of it closing, or if it will happen at all. Right now the path is detoured around the temporary bus stops so the cable will cross it at some point.

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Ugh. We were considering hopping from HS to Epcot in early December via the boats. I guess we will have to walk or bus. If that path is down is it a longer walk?

Thanks for replies, be a shame to have to get a bus if no walkway or boats at certain times but that’s progress

I don’t think there has been an announcement about the path but I think if it is closed the bus will be the only option.

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“I know the boats are going to be closed from November 28th-December 18th”

Was there an announcement from Disney about this?

It has been confirmed by the Swan and Dolphin and reported by multiple blogs including Kenny the Pirate and wdwnt.

From the WDW Swan’s page:

While Friendship Boat service to Epcot is expected to be unavailable from late November until mid-December, Guests will be able to use bus service or the walkway to access Epcot.


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Yes, it has been there for a few weeks. Although I do not think they originally put the walkway option!

Understood. I was trying to emphasize that they’re saying, pretty unequivocally, that the walking path will be open.


Lol, I added that to my comment! I didn’t see that when first posted, but I would hope the cables will be done overnight ? Is that possible.

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I have to assume that most of the work that goes over the walkway itself will be done overnight. But I also expect that they will probably build a “tunnel” for people to walk through, underneath the cables, until they are fully tensioned. And that tunnel can certainly be put up overnight some evening.


On chat this morning they mentioned that currently at the end of the path you are detoured all the way to the end of the bus loop and then to the front gate. There seemed to be a disagreement on how much time that added to the walk.

All sounds okay if you still want to walk (detour and weather dependent) Thanks for the responses :grinning:


Wonder if anyone has heard any update to the walkways?

We’re considering upgrading our early December stay to a resort in that area, mainly for the walking access to Epcot and Studios.
After paying to upgrade, I’d hate to see any of the walking access closed.

I gotta say, the walk to Hollyweird right now, has a bunch of zig-zags that add enough to really make me wonder if waiting an extra 15 minutes for a boat would be worth getting to a boat launch that much earlier. The boats seemed to be running earlier as well. I saw a boat coming to Hollywood right around 7:15 am on a 9am opening day with a 7:30 am EMM. I also saw one make it in time for an 8am EMH.

If the boats will not be running during your stay, and you plan on going to Hollyweird a lot, the extra steps might annoy you if the zig-zagging is still in place. Uber is about 8 bucks.

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