Walking to Mickey and Friends Parking Structure

If you are wondering about booking a hotel near the Mickey and Friends parking structure and using the tram for transportation between the park and hotel, then read this!

On our last trip to Disneyland (May 2017), we stayed at the Travelodge and planned to walk to the parking structure. I thought that it would be easier to walk to the parking structure and take the tram, than walking to the park entrance from another hotel. I looked on Google Maps satellite view and saw a trail that had been created with foot traffic along Disneyland Drive. It seemed possible and I had read other threads on here about walking, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. Just to make sure, I called Disneyland and spoke with the parking services. They had no problem with it. I also asked the staff at the Travelodge.

On our first night, we tried taking the tram to Downtown Disney. We crossed south on Ball Road and saw the no pedestrians sign on the south-west corner, so we crossed east on Disneyland Drive. We walked down the sidewalk on the east side and then tried to cross west on Disneyland Drive near the narrowest stretch of road by the parking structure entrance. We had crossed half of the lanes and were standing in the median, but before we could fully cross Disneyland Drive a security officer pulled over and told us to turn around. They made us walk down the median and return to Ball Road. There were multiple officers patrolling the road during our attempt.

After the first try, we decided to avoid trouble and just use Uber in the mornings. It seamed to be more challenging to enter than exit the parking structure. We figured we would try taking the tram and walking to our hotel in the evenings, since there would be less officers patrolling the road due to decreased traffic. We had no trouble walking back to our hotel in the evenings. We used this method over the course of our three days at Disneyland and California Adventure. It is definitely doable if you take the correct route!

We did not take a safe route on our first or second try, but thankfully now we know the best and safest route! It is less confusing to walk to the parking structure entrance from Ball Road, so I’ll explain that route first.

Leaving the Hotel
Walk south down Disneyland Drive on the far west side. There is a no pedestrians sign here (see below), but we chose to walk past it. Walk south along the dirt path until you reach the chainmail fence (also below). Walk south through the grass alongside the chainmail fence to the corner. The area becomes sloped, but just stay close to the fence. Walk west at the corner to the parking structure. Carefully cross over all of the entrance and exit lanes and enter the parking structure. The tram is just inside the structure to the south.

Leaving the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure
Walk north and east to the exit of the parking structure from the tram. Carefully cross over all of the entrance and exit lanes heading north. Walk east and follow the chainmail fence to the corner. There is a dirt path near this area from all the foot traffic (see below), but I wouldn’t recommend following it. It leads you onto the main road. Keep left and walk north at the corner through the grass alongside the chainmail fence. The area is sloped, but just stay close to the fence. The fence will disappear as you approach the intersection (as seen below). Follow the dirt path north and keep walking until you reach the no pedestrian sign on the corner of Ball Road and Disneyland Drive.

I would not recommend this path for families with children. It is not stroller or wheelchair friendly. The terrain was often wet from the sprinklers and slippery near the slope. It is relatively easy to walk this route as an adult, but just remember that the closer you stay to the fence, the safer you are. Hopefully this helped you have a magical visit!

Walking along the fence is the key to safety!


Thank you for this helpful and detailed post! Is it safe to walk that path at night? Would it be possible that security officers (or police) might instruct you not to use the path? That no pedestrians sign is giving me pause.

Good question Sallers! In my opinion, yes. The area was pretty well lit, even after the park was closed. The grass can sometimes be wet and slippery, but this doesn’t make it unsafe. Just use caution and walk slowly.

There is always a possibility that you might be stoped, but the path is mostly out of view from the road. We were never stoped on the path, even when walking past officer’s cars. We were only stoped for jaywalking across Disneyland Drive. That being said, we never walked the path in the morning, just the afternoon (one) and evenings (three). There should be no problems in the evening, but I am not positive about the morning. You could always try to walk the first morning and if you are confronted then have a backup plan.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for this info! From the Travelodge that you stayed at, can you get the uber driver to drop you off on the west side of the park in the Downtown Disney area or do they take you to the Harbor side? I like coming in from the west side better which is why I ask. Your maps and photos are very helpful!
Just an aside: when we were there in March we stayed at the Best Western Courtesy Inn and were able to cut through the employee parking lot near the corner of Ball and Disneyland Drive, then walk through the M&F parking structure to the tram. I loved using the trams and entering/exiting the Parks on that side so much that I was so bummed when I heard that they closed the employee parking lot to pedestrians. Now I am considering staying farther away and renting a car just so I can park in Mickey and Friends! I figure that I can save money by staying at a hotel farther away and using a car to get to grocery stores and offsite restaurants and get to and from the airport, to offset the cost of car rental and parking. But it is nice to still have the option of walking and using the trams too!

Thanks for the reply rlp! Our Ubers took us to the guest drop-off on Harbor Blvd (below), but there is also a drop-off near Downtown Dr (also below). We did not specify a drop-off location on our Uber request, we just put Disneyland Resort.

If you wanted to be dropped off on the west side near the Downtown Disney District, just select your Uber drop-off location as Passenger Drop-Off (that is the location on Google and Uber). The drop-off is located right behind ESPN Zone and just west of the Rainforest Cafe.

We were bummed that they put the fence up around the employee parking lot, but thankfully we were still able to take the tram. It is really convenient to park in the Mickey and Friends structure, but it is also pretty expensive to rent a car and then pay to park at your hotel and the structure. We find Uber to be less expensive, especially if we are splitting the charge. It really depends on if you drive or fly to California!