Walking to different resorts from Sapphire Falls

Can you walk to Cabana Bay from Sapphire Falls? How about to Royal Pacific? How easy? How close?

Yes. Not too far. (The walk from CB to the parks is about 1 mile), so between those resorts will be much shorter.

The “Garden Walk” path from CB goes over Adventure Way where it says “Drhum Club”. Most of the path runs along Hollywood Way.


And saying that it’s a “mile” sounds worse than it is. You can see the buildings!

If you really don’t want to walk, take the Cabana Bay bus to CityWalk. Don’t leave the bus terminal and get on one to Sapphire Fall or even Aventura. Those two are side-by-side

Once on-site you’ll see how close they really are!


Please note, you can’t cross the street where the map is highlighted (we tried last Oct and couldn’t cross there). You have to take the bridge up where it says Drhum Club Kantine.