Walking times with breaks and Genie+

Anyone notice that walking time to/from breaks is always one minute. I get that walking time To obtain a lighting lane can be one minute, but the step after that seems flawed.

Breaks that are “Leaving park” also always say 1 minute

Yes and this throws me off, it’s like it forgets where the steps on either side of the break are. What I do is only use breaks if it really is to add time (e.g. bathroom break) that is in the same land if the steps on either side of the break are physically close to each other.

Otherwise I would either do: (a) 2x half-day plans, one for morning and one for after break (as it will add true walk out time back to the front of the park after your last step of a plan, and then obviously start you at the front of the park again for the second plan); or (b) do a pretend snack stop picking a snack stand or restaurant next to one of the steps as it will recognize where the food place is located (caveat here is you have to tell it approximately when that will be and be generous with the +/- mins or it will give you errors until the times work when evaluating the plan).

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Yes I see that too. It adds only one minute before and after breaks whether for rest or note such as adding lightning lane etc.
There doesn’t seem a way to adjust the time.

I’ve solved this by adding a walking break after the rest break using the walking time to the next attraction from google maps.