Walking times in MK make no sense

Made this plan for MK this weekend:

I’ve never been to Disney but the walk times between attractions seem completely silly. We’re all adults so will be moving fast but 3 minutes to make it from “it’s a small world” to “space mountain?” That’s half way across the park?

What am I doing wrong?

I am unable to see your plan. What is your walking speed set to? You are right that you cannot get from Small World to Space in 3 minutes, more like 10. You will be dodging strollers, scooters, and hoardes of people as well. Watch your ankles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. If you can change the settings on your plan I will be happy to take a look at it.

I had walk speeds set to “fast” assuming that we’ll move faster than “average” given the “average” person if probably pushing those strollers or riding a scooter…but even if I put walk speeds all the way to “very relaxed” the walk times seem just barely believable.

Sorry. Not sure why you can’t see the plan. I’ve saved it to be published but maybe it takes a while to publish in the system. Maybe this link is better?

Thanks for the help.

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I can see that link. I agree, times seem very short. When I have used TP’s in the past they have always been fairly accurate, so hoping the same for you. I would set your speed to slow and just go with it. Sorry I am not much help.

It seems quick although not totally unrealistic considering it will be a relatively low-crowd day.

One thing I noticed about your plan is that there is a LOT of criss-crossing the park. Something that I found super helpful was to make two plans - one for before break and one for after. In my morning plan, I selected all of the attractions in the left side of the park. (Seems that most people start their day to the right!) There were very few people on the left side and we were able to go on a few rides multiple times with no wait - and even pushing Fast Passes out to the afternoon. With two kids (ages 4 and 2), we were able to do all of Liberty Square, AdventureLand, FrontierLand, and most of FantasyLand before our break around 1pm. That just left TomorrowLand for the afternoon/evening.

I should add that we skipped ThunderMtn and the Haunted Mansion because my kids were too small but we DID have a very relaxed walking pace. They spent a lot of time running around the Treehouse and we let them roam/explore a bit as opposed to rushing from one attraction to the next.

It’s probably personal preference but my Type A personality needed our day to be constructed in a “circular” flow rather than backtracking and criss-crossing the park - if that makes sense!

I agree that many of those times seem unrealistic - especially the numerous times that you are crossing back and forth between FL and TL. I’ve never used the “fast” setting (because I’m not), but using the “middle” setting I’ve typically had “reasonable” walking times.

That being said, I’ve never really considered a TP to be an accurate minute-by-minute “schedule” but rather a general sequencing guide. If you try to stick to it minute-by-minute, you are setting yourself up for a LOT of stress. All it takes is for a couple of “predicted” 10 min waits to turn into “actual” 20 min waits early in the day and your “schedule” is shot. I rarely try to follow a full-day TP, but on every occasion at the MK that I did try, I was never able to fit in all of the attractions that the TP said I could. I’ve had better success at the other parks.

I agree with @egkleinmann that you seem to have an excessive number of park crossings. After I optimize, I typically “drag and drop” steps in the TP to make the touring flow a bit more logical. When I do this, after EACH move I hit the evaluate button to see if it had a seriously negative impact on the overall wait times. For a MK TP (which is by far the hardest) it might take me a couple of hours to do, but I usually get a pretty good balance when it’s done. And then I get to the park, and because the “predicted” wait times are off, by lunch time it’s no more than a rough outline of what might work…

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Also - are you staying on monorail? If not then you’ll need more than 2 hrs for lunch at your resort. Bus time alone, assuming it arrives as soon as you get to the stop will be 20 mins each way. Stretch that out to 3 hours for a happier day.