Walking through Galaxy's Edge, How long?

If you had no intentions to do any of the new RIDES in Star Wars land, but just wanted to walk through to see the highlights, based on what info we have about the land, about how long do you think it would take? (Going the first week of December)

There’s no way to even guess, at this time. Wait for the California edition to open.

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Are you including the time it will take to get into Galaxy Edge?

With the insane-ness this is going to create, if you don’t have an FP for one of the rides, you could be waiting 4-6 hours just to get in.

I agree with @stuckinbmode, wait and see what happens at DCA, then double all timings.

No. If we get off Slinky Dog and go through the entrance into GE waling down to Star Tours.

We have no intention of riding any of the new SW rides. We only want to walk through the area so our son can see it.

There’s a chance they may ticket even walking through it according to some of the discussions on podcasts, just to keep it safe. Certainly it’ll be queued separate entry at peak times I’d have thought.


As others have said, it is all guess work at this point.

I’ve read some rumors to suggest that, at least initially, they might make SWGE a “one-way only” thing. You enter from one end, but have to leave through the other end, so that they can better monitor the number of people going in and out and maintain some level of crowd sanity. But even if that’s the case, who knows how long they will need to do that.

Of course, there is no guarantee it will even be open the first week of December. The time frame they’ve given means they would wait until the second or third week of December if necessary.

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And the rumors are that the Toy Story Land “portal” would be the exit which wouldn’t work well for riding Slinky and then going. Given how they did Pandora early on, it seems incredibly likely that it will be a one way entrance by Muppets and exit into Toy Story Land in the beginning…


Yes, agree with the others here. I think you (OP) are underestimating the insanity this will be.

Those with FPs will have to be let in tothe land in time to ride. As with Pandora and TSL, they will likely be able to “check in” at the entrance to the land around 30-60 minutes before their FP.

Everyone else, whether wanting to ride or just walk through, will need to wait until there is room to get in. Because of this, there will 99% certainly be one way in, and one way out. The main entrance is past Muppets, the exit is into TSL. And the overflow exit is through Pixar Place.

So firstly, you will not be able to get in via TSL.
Secondly, there will be at least a 4 hr wait to get into the land.

Now if Disney want to avoid total chaos, they will have a virtual queue, similar to the old FP system. Go to tap points, scan band or RFID ticket and get a return time. This would be to get into the land.

If you want to just walk through it without a 4 hour wait, I would suggest Easter 2020 at the earliest. No kidding.

We’ll know more about the logistics when it opens at DCA. Meantime, google the opening of Hogsmeade at Universal, then triple the numbers.


I think the only way to estimate this is to wait until it opens and see how crazy it is. If I was going in December, I would probably make 3 HS plans (or be prepared to completely redo my plans after SWGE opening): 1 plan where we skip HS entirely and do something else that day, 1 plan where we do all the non-Star Wars things in HS, and 1 where we brave the masses and walk through the new land.

Edited to add: It may also be worth noting that TSL had EMH every day for several weeks at least. So I’m sure SWGE will as well. People not staying on site may have more trouble getting into the land because of resort crowds beating them there. The theming is going to be incredible, so lots of people are going to want to wander around.

I’m sure there will be a paid EMM type experience where for a 1000 bucks per person you get to walk through the land, meet R2D2, and have free breakfast at Woody’s on your way out.

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According to Len himself 1000 will be the low end. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

I wish it were going into DCA (or was a 3rd gate somewhere). Unfortunately the space in Anaheim is extremely limited so where they could fit it is behind Tom Sawyer Island/Disneyland Railroad/Big Thunder Mountain on the Disneyland side. No doubt it will be awesome, but I cannot begin to describe all the feels that I am already feeling about how drastically this addition will change the mood of the original park. (Probably mostly for the better, but with that comes the insanely more crowded & unfathomably expensive).

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I have a trip scheduled for the 2nd week in Dec and this is exactly what I am planning on doing. Truth be told, as much as I would love to see GE, I’m almost hoping that it doesn’t open until Dec 15th (the day I leave).


Going back to the OP… If SWGE were “just another land”, factoring out all of the opening year crowds, based on all that I have read and seen, I would allow 30 min on a TP to “tour the land”.

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There are supposed to be tons of interactive elements in the land, sort of like the windows in Diagon Alley. And you’ll be able to haggle with merchants to buy things, and talk to the ‘citizens’ of the town. Maybe an hour?


UOR had ticketed entry in place at both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley during peak periods. The process was similar to the old paper FP system at Disney. There was also a Standby queue that moved at glacial paces.


I expect a similar system to be used at SWGE.

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I’m ok with that. I personally don’t care about the land. My love for SW died after watching Force Awakens, but I digress.

I was just wondering so I could add it to my plan as a “break” walking from Toy Story land down through SW on our way to Star Tours. :slight_smile:

“As others have said, it is all guess work at this point.”

Well, yeah. That’s why I was asking based on what we know, what would peoples guestimate be.

They are saying Fall of 2019. So I would guess it would be end of Nov at the very latest, which would really suck for us. I am hoping it opens early Oct so a couple of months can go by. I’m sure it would be great, but it won’t be opening day/week/weekend/month busy. Oh well, all we can do is wait and see. I have no problems going to the Studios and hitting Sunset blvd and Indy and leaving.