Walking Reservations

I finally have my login for DVC so I can poke around on the site and figure out how to make reservations. I still have about 9 months before I need to start worrying about my next WDW reservation (which is actually sooner than I thought, now that I think about it! :scream:), but I figured it’s never too early to start preparing!

My main question is, how exactly do I “walk” a reservation for a coveted villa type / location? Is it like ADRs where you have 60+length of stay up to 10 days? Or is it always exactly 11/7 months? Anyone want to walk me through an example if they wanted to make a reservation for say, 6/1-6/7/2023?

The gist is you’re updating your reservation every morning at 8AM.

So you want to stay at your home resort on 6/1-6/7… cool. But the time frame isn’t open so you book the closest you can. let’s say it’s 5/20-5/27.

Every morning at 8AM you log onto DVC and modify your reservation by a day. So the first day, you adjust to 5/21-5/28. THe next day, 5/22 - 5/29 etc…

If you’re johnny on the spot, there shouldn’t be any issues.


You don’t need to modify every day. As long as you roll things forward before the end of what you have booked.

Noone can get ahead of you because the first day must be available.

So in @Randall1028’s example, you could book from the 21st to 27th, roll it forward on the 26th May.


I did this for a few days to get a 2 bedroom at GCV in February. I thought it was giving me 7 months from the first day and then allowed me to book either one or two additional days. I was not more than that, however. Then I just went in everyday and moved it forward until it was where I wanted it to be. I might have been fine even if I had not “walked” it, but wanted to make sure.

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I think it depends on the resort and time of the year you would need to start walking.

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Don’t do it. It’s a terrible loophole that I wish they would close. I think very poorly of people who engage in or who encourage this practice.


I wouldn’t do it either but it is in no way against the rules is it?

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It’s not. It’s a loophole

But it keeps people from being able to book what they will actually use.

Similar to the leading res for ADRs which I have used exactly once in my Disney life


If they keep on walking the reservations they don’t use will become available in a few days? I had a brief meltdown about BW, but the walkers “walked on by”.


It’s just a practice I don’t believe in :woman_shrugging:t2:


Are you opposed to walking by booking just your first day, then adding your second, and so forth as the window opens?

The whole thing.

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You can book your length of stay when your first day opens up to 7 days?


Oh I see. This is one of the questions I had in my first post. I didn’t know how many days you could lead.

I think you can book 7 nights and then add one night at a time if you want to book a 8 or more stay?

When are you hoping to go?

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I will be going late May 2023. I haven’t settled on exact dates yet.

I don’t think you would have any reason to need to walk a reservation at that time.


Great explanation!

Extra notes:

You might have to be flexible on the number of days you are walking, if you walk over the weekends and your stay doesn’t involve a Friday and Saturday because they take more points.

Note you can walk a 7 month booking, but might get blocked by a person with home resort advantage.

Finally, if you ever run into technical issues with something like borrowing points (which can be glitchy) book that first night ASAP in order to block out everyone else then call member services to add on the additional nights.


I can see your point, it is a loophole.

But if you have a very specific reason for those dates it can be the only way to be sure of getting it. Otherwise it’s exactly like getting a BG for Rise, the rooms are gone within seconds to the fastest fingered person at 8am.

It may block other people from booking what they want for a few days but then it would be wide open again.

And the only advantage is to get the accommodation dates you end up with. You don’t gain an advantage on anything else as a result.

People have to change dates all the time, drop a day and arrive a day later because the flights are fully booked or a lot more expensive. Or DD has a music concert on the evening of the planned arrival day. And then they stay a day longer at the end.

And when I booked and needed 10 days I added a day each morning beyond the 7 days.

Like renting, it’s permissible and almost impossible to stop without also hurting people who need to change plans.

Like I say though, I can respect your view.


Blocking out people along the way as you walk by is crappy, but the part about it that I dislike the most is being blocked out of the final reservation. I’m here patiently waiting for my 11/7 mo window to open and there’s no way I’m going to get the room because someone has been walking it for a month or more. It’s a shitty thing to do. As an owner at AKL there’s no way to get a CL room w/o walking. That’s crap.