Walking regime, Texas style

So having family do a walking regime in the evening. It is much cooler then, 96 deg with real feel of 100. Keep in mind this is after 7pm. Been walking in the late evening/dusk with temps anywhere from 92 to 100 actual.

Texas Tough.

Looking at forecast for Orlando, like 90 deg. at hottest point. Going to need a jacket! LOL

The first time we walked, my 4 yo starting complaining on first lap around neighborhood. Pushing 3 miles now and he does it all by himself.

Nothing else, just being braggadocios. Texas Talk.


Good for you!!!

Very smart. We’ll be ramping up our evening walks this fall. When my kids start dragging I tell them “Walk like we have SDMT FP about to expire!”


Kids wanted to use code word turbo for walking with purpose. Kind of funny…using dreamworks movie title for disney vacation

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That’s how to rock it!
Are you switching shoes, or using Foot Glide?
Keep at it.
Switch up walking paces to simulate dodging the zombie / mall walkers that flood the walking paths at Epcot when you are trying to sprint to an adr in WS after scoring a Test Track 5th fastpass in FW that was too good to pass up.

Place fake, plastic, treats strategically on your route with 9.00 price tags, to teach the 4yo how to avoid traps when you are on your way to a VERY cool ride.

Likewise with a display of those tiny license plates and necklaces with kids’ names on them.

Try walking to your local dollar store to show the kids how much little silly trinkets really cost.

Have your S.O. take turns with you leading the pack, while you bring up the rear, in single line formation, so you can hunt for same day 4th, 5th, 6th fastpasses without worrying that the leader will fail you.

During a fast walk stretch, stop a few times and bark out a picture formation at a random place of interest in the neighborhood. Time their proper formation. Let them know that their skills in getting into formation with a proper smile and NO MOVEMENT, may lead to an ice cream treat at home after the walk is over. Watch how fast they figure it out THEN!

LOL - kinda kidding. Just kinda.
Well, TBH, I guarantee you that you’ll think back on this post after your trip, and wish you had done this.

ETA: PROS teach their kids and SO how to hunt down extra FP’s. I got my wife on board one day at MK and we CRUSHED fp’s, taking turns hunting down same day fp. It’s a riot when the whole fam knows the tricks. Someone will just shout, “I got us all SPLASH in 2 minutes!”


Kids have sandals and shoes. I wear a pair of reeboks that have never failed me over the years. Although, i might do some sandals for the short day parks/water rides (KRR). My youngest will wear boots if are not watching, never complains, but we are packing athletic shoes and sandals.

We have practiced photo formations and have stopped by Sonic on way home or hoa pool at midway point.

I think we have a walk tonight. Will try to implement all of this tonight. :slight_smile:

Foot Glide (if you are planning to use it) kinda makes your feet feel slippery, almost like they are wet inside your shoe. I’d suggest testing it on your walks if you are planning to use it. I’d suggest using it - blisters will hamper anyone’s enjoyment, we’ve never had any blisters. It feels weird, but blisters suck.

not bringing foot glide. we are bringing some mole skin, bandaids, etc. but we never had that problem previously.

My kids were asking me how bad were the crowds and how much walking we would do. We live in NYC so I told them the crowds will feel like an August day walking through Times Square. As for the walking, it would feel like walking from midtown to Chinatown. Those from NY or having visited NY, will get it.