Walking from the Paradise Pier Hotel

What is the fastest way to get from the Paradise Pier Hotel to Disneyland and DCA with a 7 and 4 year old and how do you do it? I am the most spatially challenged person in the world and it seems confusing.

Hi. You will walk out the front doors of Paradise Pier, head left to the corner and cross at the crosswalk over to the Grand Californian. Wind your way through the hotel and out into Downtown Disney, turn right and head to the esplanade. Easy peasy! When returning to Paradise Pier from DCA, exit through the park exit that goes into the Grand. When returning from Disneyland you can walk through DTD and the Grand again or take the monorail to the DTD station by the Rainforest Cafe, and then walk south to Paradise Pier.


We stayed at Paradise Pier last time we visited DLR. The good news is that directions are really clearly marked once you get to the Grand Californian, and it is just across the street from where you’ll be.

Aside from getting to the parks at opening, we used the Grand Californian’s private entrance into California Adventure as often as possible, even when we were going to Disneyland. It felt faster to pass through CA instead of going into the hotel, out of the hotel, through Downtown Disney, etc. The security line at Grand Californian was typically shorter too. Having the hopper pass isn’t a cheap addition, so get all the perks you can if you have it. :wink:

As noted, is you’re going to the parks right at opening, this is the one time you’ll want to follow the signs and go around to the main gates, especially when California Adventure has a magic morning. They are better equip to accommodate Magic Mornings from the front entrance (even though you’ll hit long lines either way).

One other quick caution. We experiences really long waits for elevators during peak times (park opens and park closes). I’d suggest giving yourself plenty of time in the mornings from the time you leave your room. Also prep your littles that they may have to wait right after leaving the room. Our little guy was so jazzed to be on our way on the first day, and that enthusiasm deflated quickly as we waited for an elevator.

Hope that is helpful food for thought.

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