Walking from DM to Gringotts

My TP is to go from DM to Gringotts and then to Rip Ride. By looking at the map that’s a lot of walking. Is it worth it to walk over to Gringotts and the RR and do RR after DM.

Isn’t that the same amount of walking?

Nope I assume this is during Early hours or rd.DM must be done first even with exp pass line reaches 45 mins very quickly. RRR is not open during early hours at present Gringotts builds quickly but moves faster than RRR. The order needs to be DM then Gringotts then other rides. You could do Gringotts in last 90 mins of park opening instead.
If you do Gringotts first then DM And RRR you will be fighting against the tide trying to get from Gringotts to DM. Think trying to get to MK town hall from the castle 30; mins after park opening.

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It is, but I can understand why it sounds like more when you appear to be backtracking.

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