Walking from BC/YC to HS

Is it well marked and fairly obvious how to walk from Beach Club to Hollywood Studios?
Is there a boat that gets your there too? How often does that run?
Which is better? Walk or boat?

It’s pretty well marked.
To walk, you’ll take a right out of the Beach Club (on the Crescent Lake side) and just follow the path past the YC. You’ll walk behind the Boardwalk along the waterway.
It’s at most 15 minutes. If you walk swiftly, 10 minutes.

The boat does go there but it invariably takes longer. You have to wait for it to stop at Swan/Dolphin, then Boardwalk, then YC. (Or YC then Boardwalk)… That will take minimum 20 minutes but up to 35-40 minutes if you have just missed the most recent boat.

There are a couple of good YouTube videos of both options.