Walking between Epcot Resorts?

How walkable is it between Boardwalk Inn, Beach Club, and Yacht Club? Direct paths? How much time would it take?
We just booked at Boardwalk Inn but just realized that the counter service options for breakfast are rather limited. We were wondering how feasible would it be to walk to Beach Club or Yacht Club instead?

very walkable

Very close. They are divided by Stormalong Bay. Boardwalk is a little farther.

The distances can feel far the first time you walk the area, because you can’t always see your destination in the distance. Once you’ve walked it and know where you’re going, it all suddenly feels a lot shorter. Or maybe that was just my perception.

As for the counter service options, do try the Boardwalk Bakery. They have more options than the BC counter service at least. I remember reading recently that they have real breakfast food (in addition to sweets) that’s not shown on the online menu. I think it was mentioned in the most recent Disney Tourist Blog post about Boardwalk. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

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Found it! It was in an EasyWDW blog post. http://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/epcot-international-gateway-rope-drop-touring-plan-with-frozen-first-32517/

Also, be sure to look at a map before you go, so you can get a mental picture of where things are. Boardwalk and Swan/Dolphin are on one side of the water, and Beach Club and Yacht Club are on the other side. There are boats that can take you from place to place as well, although they can be slower than a strong, active walker. Tired feet, little kids and grandmothers appreciate the boats.

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A few photos trying to show the perspective.

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Thanks! The limited options listed on the online menu for Boardwalk Bakery had worried me.

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