Walk up to space 220?

Can you still walk up for a last minute Res for Space 220? If we wanted to swing by and see if there are any walk up openings when would you do that (it opens at 1130)? RD or would no one be there? Do we walk up to cast members out front and ask? we are looking for a lounge or restaurant seating for 2 before 2pm.

I have read reports this week that people go directly there at rope drop. I believe they wait for the lounge but there have been dining reservations available for that day.

And are you waiting there until it opens at 1130 or do they give you a rev and you return? Going with a spacey 6 yo that is not going to wait 2.5 hours for lunch no matter what the lunch is

The report was that if you want an ADR you can get it and then leave. For the lounge I think they said you had to wait there.

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