Walk to Chef Mickey's

Ok, so we will be visiting the CR for the first time this upcoming trip. Someone on here the other day said that it’s quicker to walk from the MK to Chef Mickey’s than it is to take the monorail to the CR and then walk to CM. How is that possible?

Hi NeedaTurkeyLeg

I did this on our last trip in August. We were at Chef Mickeys and I needed to get to our resort (AKL) in a rush, so i walked (fairly quickly) to MK and then caught a bus. It took me about 10 minutes (possibly less).

I walked out of the hotel, turned right and I think there were a couple of signs. Once you’re on your way, it’s fairly obvious where to go.

Good luck

Where would you be coming from? If you’re already on the monorail, the CR is the next stop after MK so I don’t see why would you want to get off at MK.
If you are taking a bus or some other form of transport, it might be fast to take it to MK (more buses going to MK than CR?) and then just walk to CR as opposed to waiting for the monorail?

Or maybe you would be on the express monorail that goes from TTC to MK - in that case it wouldn’t stop at CR?

Well, if I had to guess, we will be coming from WL so it probably will be closer to walk from MK than wait for the monorail but when someone posted the other day that it was quicker to walk from MK than to walk from the monorail stop, I just couldn’t figure it out.

We changed dates and are now reworking dining so I’m not sure of our timing for CM. I just wanted to try to get some clarity!

If you are at the MK, it CAN be faster to walk to the CR. From the gate, you have to walk in the opposite direction to get to the mono, wait for it to arrive, and then ride it to the CR. Also, it’s a pleasant walk which can be more enjoyable then being crammed in the mono line and then in the mono itself.

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If you’re coming from WL, you take a boat to CR. There is a resort launch that runs FtW, WL, CR, then back to FtW.


If you’re in the Magic Kingdom and there isn’t a long line for the resort monorail, then it’s probably quicker to take the monorail. If you’re in the Contemporary returning to the Magic Kingdom, then it’s probably pretty close to the same time to walk or take the monorail.

If you’re at the TTC, then the question would be whether it’s quicker to take the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom and then transfer to the resort monorail there (skipping stops at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian) or just get on the Resort monorail. My hunch is that is could save a minute or two in some cases, but probably isn’t worth the hassle.

I’d say that unless you’re leaving the Magic Kingdom when there’s a long line for the monorail that walking is not faster.

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