Walk times?

I have been making several touring plans for the magic kingdom at WDW. I am somewhat confused. If I start one plan with buzz lightyear it shows a 9 minute walk time if plan 2 starts with 7 dwarves train ride it show a 2 minute walk time. The 7 dwarves ride is at least twice as far from the start point so why would it show a 2 minute walk time-it seems like it would be 9-10 minutes!

Where is your start point and is the walking speed set the same at the top?And time of day?

I think I have the answer–I went onto youtube to see 5 tutorials on using the touring plans. The column labled walk turns out to be the time it takes to get to the next step. I thought it was the time to get to step one attraction but it is really the time it will take to get to the next step in the plan. My start point is town square.