Walk or Ride to Splash MTN and BTMR

Hi all,
My trip is at the end of June and expecting HUGE crowds. My plan was to head left at RD to Splash and BTMR. My question is… Is it faster to walk to Frontier Land (behind the CM’s) or hop on the train and ride over to Frontier Land?

I think there may be delay related to the train and the opening show. The characters take the train away from the opening show and have to unload backstage I believe. Thus, there is delay as you wait for the next train. Otherwise, the train would clearly be faster.

Definitely walk - with purpose. The train is OK for late afternoon when you’re too tired to walk back to MS, but I would never do it first thing.

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Agree with @bswan26 - walking with purpose is the way to go. However, I would make an Optimized TP to make sure that SM and BTM are the best attractions to do first.

I agree walking is best for the plan for RD, train later in the day.

I tend to take the train from fantasyland to frointerland after I am done in tomorrowland. Or vice versa depending on where I began my day.

Do NOT take the train first thing - did this once and we had to wait about 20 to 25 minutes before it departed. Made for a very stressful start to the day and put us behind the lines on Splash and Thunder.

Thanks everyone for your input. I thought this idea was flawed but its nice to hear a first hand experience that proves it is.

Actually, I want to amend my answer with one bit of personal experience. After waiting for RD, DW had to use the facilities immediately upon entry. We then opted to take the train to Frontierland, as it was getting set to go by that time. Although we probably could have walked faster to SM/BTM, the train ride paid off with fewer complaints about my “Nazi Touring Plans” wearing everyone out.