Walk or ride- Epcot to Hollywood?

Hello, I’m new to this forum, going to Disney world mid May, and using touring plans to help organize the trip. My group is two adults, no kids.

My question is this:
1). at 7:30pm I’ll be done in Epcot having just ridden ‘space ship earth’. I will then be going to Holleywood to catch Fantasmic. Would it be faster to catch a bus or walk through the resorts?
2). On a different day I’ll be finished in holleywood at ‘little mermaid’ at 6:30. I’ll then be going to Epcot to see the illuminations. Faster to walk or take bus?

Thanks for your help!

I think the friendship boats is likely a more efficient travel option than bus. From what I’ve heard if speed is the priority, walking is fastest as you don’t need to wait for a boat. Now of course if after a long day you’d rather get off your feet, the boats may be a quite welcome respite. The Friendship boats are outside the International Gateway entrance and go hotel to hotel before ending up at HS…

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I do not know if there is a bus? If you walk through future world to world showcase, you will take a right towards Canada/England. Right before the bridge to France you will see the path split to the right. That is the International Gateway exit. As you exit the park there is a boat dock on your left. That boat goes to/from Hollywood Studios. You could also walk (straight over bridge, Bear left and pass Boardwalk Inn, following the water to Hollywood Studios. What time is Fantasmic?

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As a person with control issues, I like to walk in situations like that. I will take the boat if we don’t have any appointments coming up soon at the park we’re going to, but if we’re trying to make a show or FP+ in the next hour, I feel much better when I’m in charge of my journey, not sitting on the boat waiting for people to get off and on at three resort stops in between.

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I believe fantasmic is at 9.
By bus I’m referring to the Disney transportation between parks?

The boats sound like a great idea, and I wasn’t aware that was an option so thank you!

We just did that a couple weeks ago. Boat from ig is best option. It was a long enough walk just from BW to HS. Just build in to your schedule to wait 20min for the boat, and another 20+ for the ride, you’ll be fine. We got lucky and usually seemed to get to the docks just as a boat was arriving or loading. It might take slightly longer but the boats are more consistent than buses in my experience.
Going from HS to EP via IG is definitely best.