Waitlists and such

So after some work shift switch finagling, and changing my flights we are now headed down a day early in august (Yay!). I figured there would be slim pickings to try to book an extra night, and wholly didn’t expect GFV (where the rest of our stay is) to be open(which it’s not).
It was slim pickings for a studio and the only thing available was SSR. So I booked our first night there.

I’ve set up a waitlist for GFV and have been stalking and so far nothing anywhere else is available.
But I was surprised to see when I added in 1 BR that many resorts had availability.
Now it’s just 3 of us so I don’t need a 1 BR, but with 45ish days left, do you think a lot of folks will be upgrading from studios? This is only my second waitlist ever so I don’t know the sweet spot of when things really start moving around and becoming available.

I don’t think people will be upgrading from studios - its a points thing - that is a lot more points.

But 1 night is much more likely to come through on a waitliest, so you never know!

What is possible, is that Disney could add more of the GFV resort rooms to DVC inventory (as they sell more points). So if you don’t mind moving rooms, I would also definitely wait list there.

I’ve had a fair amount of success, mostly random as people’s plans change. I got 2 waitlists to work for my upcoming Labor Day weekend trip, and I’ve listed another.

In the past when I’ve had them work it has been closer to the 30 day mark, because that is when you have to cancel without the points going in to holding account, so I think a lot of owners do a last check on their plans.

So, it may come through – good luck!


Happy to report that I just got the email that my waitlist came through!
Although we didn’t get a resort studio like the rest of our trip, at least we will be at GFV and not have to worry about transferring. I’ll still keep a waitlist setup for a resort room in case something becomes available.


Woo hooo!

Miracles happen! 25 days out, my waitlist for a resort studio came through :slight_smile:

Happy I don’t have to switch rooms now!

I can’t wait to be back!



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I waitlisted a BWV standard studio for a short December stay hoping some rooms may cone back online after refurb and a miracle would happen!



I am a Boardwalk owner and I was watching walkers walking standards view studios leading up to my 11 month booking. Boardwalk view opened almost immediately after my 11 month,

This morning my 4 nights opened (4 days after I booked a garden/pool view). I love garden/pool view but I couldn’t resist saving the 12 points. I got to it before member services opened, so I grabbed it and cancelled my waitlist.


Congratulations! That is definitely the way to do it. I can’t help but to save those points too. I am going to Aulani for 2 nights. Everyone says Ocean View is the way to go - I was thrilled to get the lowest point standard view - off the waitlist as well. Savinga of 7 points a night.


I’m with you- I can’t resist saving as many points as possible, which is why we always book standard studios. At some point in life maybe I’ll move up to a 1 BR