I just - can’t even believe this - snagged a night at GFV for my sister and I on 1/9. I

I was already waitlisted at Poly for 1/8-10
Now I have a room at GFV for 1/9
I waitlisted the 2nd night (1/8) at GFV

If the waitlisted room comes through at either resort, will the other waitlist go away or will I have to manually resolve that?

Ideally I want both nights because 1/9 is Marathon and the logistics of getting bags moved might prove too much but the thought of being at GFV on the night after Marathon is absolutely magical. So I’ll make that work somehow if necessary., But again ideally I’ll get 1/8 hooked in too.

Wish me luck!


The first waitlist to come through will cancel the other.


Cool thanks.

I wondered if it wouldn’t because what if you actually wanted to make two bookings.

Thanks for asking that since I have two different resort waitlisted in February!

I’ve had the same night(s) waitlisted at different resorts, too. When one came through, I had to manually cancel the other, it wasn’t automatic. Of course that was in the before times.


We’re they both set up to replace the same existing reservation?

In that case I was told by MS that the first one cancels the other. Maybe if you don’t have an existing reservation for that night (or you don’t want to replace it) then it doesn’t.

@OBNurseNH, do you have an existing reservation you are replacing? I assumed you did but maybe not?

Oh mine aren’t replacing anything.

I have a cash stay at Pop that I’m trying to upgrade to GFV or Poly on points
I’ve been successful in snagging the one night, now I need the other just so that it’s less crazymaking around checkout/homeless/checkin on Marathon day

So I guess if one comes through the other will stand and I will have to manually cancel it (and update my Pop stay as well to just the one night)

I expect you’re right. I know I had existing reservations for the same nights, but I probably had available points to waitlist and then decide what to keep after the fact.

I think it depends on how you have them set up. You can call MS to be sure that the second waitlist is standalone. When we’ve wanted two waitlists to hold, DH and I would each make one. If my waitlist came through, his will keep because it’s under a different member name, even if it was the same contract.


Update: snagged 1/8-1/10 at Jambo 1BR yesterday
Waitlisted GFV studio for the same dates though with a “replace this booking” option

But realizing how limited the number of GFV studios there are to begin with, I am happier having a solid 2nt stay, making marathon morning and post marathon easier, at Jambo (which I love anyway). I am hoping we get the waitlist because I’ve never stayed GFV and my family has less than no desire, but I’m not holding my breath

We also shifted our cash stay to 1/6-1/8 (vs 1/7-1/10) and are now at POR (vs POFQ for lack of availability on 1/6).

My sister has never planned Disney with me before. I think her head is already spinning



hold on… checks reservations… DH and I are at Jambo from the 7-10 (unless our CR park view comes through, which I doubt). We should connect over a beverage!


How fun! Yes, let’s try :slight_smile: I am tentatively planning a slow and easy morning on 1/10 and am also agonizing over how to work in Jiko (assuming it reopens by then) without sacrificing MK and fireworks 1/9 (won’t eat at Jiko on 1/8 due to marathon and trots perhaps related to not-usual foods)

We could also fly home on the same plane again and not even know it :wink: