Waiting, waiting, waiting

We are 62 days out and FP is coming up but I’m also looking forward to all the vloggers who will be doing vids on MNSSHP and Food & Wine to tide me over until our trip.

Who are some of your favorite vloggers? I know a few of the really popular folks but recently discovered Pammie Plus Parks and I love her.

I love Tim Tracker, I also follow Nathan @ Paging Mr. Morrow (he gives great tips for the rides), I enjoy WDW Couple - great ride tips there and Super Enthused. For pure entertainment, I love Justin Scarred (Randomland), he is so funny! Lately, I’ve been following Super Enthused - I like Jackie’s energy and attitude!


Thank you…I will check them out.

I watch:
The Dis Unplugged
Tim Tracker
Paging Mr Morrow
Prince Charming Dev
WDW Couple
Magical Moments
Ears First (they are on hiatus while they move)
This Orlando Life


Thank you! Definitely some in there I didn’t know about.

I watch many of the above mentioned sites and Beyond the Kingdoms, and AllEars.

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I do have AllEars…Molly has really stepped up in the videos.

I will check out Beyond the Kingdoms, too. Thanks!