Wait times skewed by too many posted time submissions

I noticed an issue with the reported wait times for some rides this weekend. This was our second trip to Magic Kingdom in a year. We kept watching the 7 dwarfs mine train times in the app and they were consistently near an hour. We went back at 9pm during the parade and the app still said 57 min, and the posted time was 70, but there was no one in sight! We decided to try it anyway. I started the timer when we walked into the queue. We only waited 13 minutes! We rode the time twice and I timed and submitted the actual waits each time. I noticed after at the bottom of the ride info page that the only submitted ride times were from people submitting the posted times all day. There was only one actual time from 10 hours prior!

Is there a way to adjusts the algorithm to indicate that the wait time is not based on actual data, or weigh the actual reports more?

After I submitted both actual ride times the app still showed 47 min wait, but the actual was 13 min!

Love the app and still recommend it to friends!

The best way to let TP know about observations like this is to send an e-mail to webmaster@touringplans.com. They are usually quite quick to respond and will forward this on to the correct people in the Stats team.

If I could just “enter” the actual time I waited vice having to use the timer, I would probably submit more actuals. But the timer is just too much of a PITA for me to deal with while trying to enjoy a vacation.

FWIW, you were lucky. On my last trip the predicted times were all substantially shorter than the posted times - but my actuals were all closer to the (longer) posted times. Lost a lot of faith in TP times after that trip.

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When we were riding headliners, I could only enter posted wait times, because I almost always had a FPP+. I’m not willing to check if the actual wait time is 70 minutes by standing in the line for that long. If I saw an empty queue, that would be different, but I was last there over Spring Break.

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