Wait times on website

I used to be able to find previous wait times on the website for 2019, now it will only let me select 2020 or 2021, someone please help!

I noticed that too today! You can still scroll back one by one - or I just searched for month I wanted ‘February 2019 magic kingdom wait times’ in my google search and it brought me to the right page

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Can you note how the month/year is coded in the address and just make the change to what you need/want?

This is the only way I could view 2019 or earlier too. If you really need the info right now change the last 4 digits in the link to the correct month - date


I think they are doing an update. If you see this SS for 2019 dates you’ll see the CL next to the wait times. This feature didn’t happen when looking up historical waits previously.