Wait times for shows

The shows are as important to me as the rides. I’ve been trusting TP’s times, but I’ve been using the evaluate option so I might be forcing it to schedule ways it normally wouldn’t schedule. Below are the wait times that are currently in my schedule-- are there any that you feel are ‘too close’ so that we wouldn’t get into the show? Obviously, I don’t want to wait more longer than I need to, but I would be disappointed if we didn’t get into a show, especially as some of these are the last show of the day… (I do get the message about not making my schedule after I evaluate, but I can’t always figure out which item it is referring to.)

Norway Vikings 11 minutes
British Revolution 12 minutes
Matsuriza 4 minutes
Impressions de France 5 minutes

Animal Kingdom
Festival of the Lion King 20 minutes
Up! A great bird adventure 5 minutes
Finding Nemo 14 minutes

Hollywood Studios:
Beauty and the Beast 20 minutes
Indiana Jones 15 minutes
March of the First Order 11 minutes
For the First Time in Forever 25 minutes
Voyage of the Little Mermaid 8 minutes

Magic Kingdom
Captain Jack Sparrow’s tutorial 5 minutes
The Muppet’s present 5 minutes

The wait times look a little low to me but I am not an expert. You listed this under Universal so I would repost under WDW and see what others think. Also consider posting your TP. Good luck!

thanks! I hadn’t realized that

I think you get the warning about not making it to your scheduled stop if your forecast arrival time is less than 15 minutes before the start time of the show.