Wait Times at water parks

Do they give wait times at water parks and I have never been to water parks in august, will be there 8/12 or 8/13, do they tend to be crowded that time of year?

I'm wondering about that too....

We went to Blizzard Beach last week it was not busy at opening but got very crowded at about 11:00-11:30. until about 3:30-4:00 when the crowds left. We were able to ride all slides at opening and when it got busy we played in the wave pool and the lazy river. when the crowds left we were once again able to do the slides with little or no wait. Disney does post times at the beginning of slides.


I was at BB two Friday's ago and it was tremendously busy for everything from the start of the day through about 3pm when I left. 30-60+ minute waits and the lazy river was wall to wall people. Some slides did have wait times (hand written as I remember) at the start if the slides. Don't think all did. I hear the last couple hours are best for low waits. Suggest the first thing you do is grab a shady spot.

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Same experience here... some times posted. We also hammer out all the slides we want first thing before the lines build, then chill in wave pool or lazy river, lunch/snack breaks, etc

Very very busy last week in July at BB on our last trip - 60 minute wait for Summit Plummet at 10am. It's put me off going back.

@missoverexcited Same experience and conclusion. Thinking I'd go back outside crowded days. Then again and even though the water is heated, the air might be chilly. Must be a sweet spot somewhere btw high crowds and cool-ish weather. Perhaps Sept?

Yes, May or Sept/Oct I guess would be warm enough but not too crowded.