Wait times at park entrance

Our family is taking our very first trip to Disney World in Feb and since we like to sleep in, i wonder how long it usually takes to get inside the parks if we were to arrive about an hour or two after rope drop. From what I’ve read, it’s recommended to arrive to the parks 30-40 min before rope drop to beat the AM crowd. Are the entrance lines to the parks crowded throughout the day or just within the first hour of opening? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

What date? Usually the lines go down after a couple of hours but on other dates (like July 4th) the line could build.

Of course you should tour and enjoy wdw whatever way will work best for your family but it seems like you are planning to get to the park when the crowds will be building at the attractions.

Thank you for your reply! We’re going to be at WDW Feb15-Feb21. With a toddler in tow, we want to take it easy and don’t plan on heading to the parks until about 1-2 hours after they open. We also planned for mid-day breaks to nap at our hotel. I already reserved our FastPasses and ADRs, but really need to know how long we should expect to wait in park entrance lines before we can get in.

Two hours after opening it should be no more than 5-10 minutes for the whole process. At 10:00 it may be a few minutes more but most likely 5-10 at most.

Adding: it will be much quicker if you have all bags open (diaper bags, back packs, snacks) and everything under any stroller pulled out for inspection.

Thank you so much!!