Wait times and crowd calendars

I’ve used TP on my last 3 WDW trips since 2012–2 in November and 1 in December. All three trips were fairly low crowd weeks (except one ran into the weekend before Thanksgiving which was level 8 and level 10 but we did Epcot WS on level 10). Otherwise the crowd levels were 4s-5s. Each trip, the parks felt more crowded at the same crowd level than the last. Except for my super crowded 8 and 10 days last trip, the waits were reasonable and as predicted by my TPs with only a few exceptions (I’m talking about you ETwB!). My next trip is in mid-March for Spring Break but before the “peak” Spring Break season starts. Crowd levels are predicted to be 7-8s every day. I am beginning to make my TPs for the parks in anticipation of my FPP day, and some days, I have no more than 15 min waits on anything. I was so worried about these higher crowd levels. I know to hit RD and strategically make my FPP for late morning/early afternoon. We have 2 all-day MK days, 3 E 1/2 days, 1 HS 1/2 day, and 1 AK full day (and 1 arrival evening for AK or MK depending on ROL). Anyway, is this possible that the waits will really be this short if I have a good plan even on a CL 7 or 8 day? I’ve always had good results with TP, but I’m skeptical that the waits will be so short with Spring Break crowds. And we like to do everything (every type of attraction except M&G). I anticipated doing less and was ok with that, but I’d be disappointed if the TP suggests we can do many attractions and then in reality we cannot. I’d love some advice or reassurance from those of you who have been during Spring Break not during the Easter weeks. Any tips for a first time high-crowds visitor?

We go almost every year during the first week of April. Sometimes crowds are high (Easter weeks) and sometimes low/medium, and the plans always work for us. We rarely wait longer than 15 minutes in lines no matter what the crowd level is. We use every morning EMH we can, and RD the other days. We also stay late in the parks (break midday usually to swim/rest in the air condition). We do headliners right away first thing, and save the other rides and shows for later in the day/evening. We love it that time of year, it’s warm but not too humid. Very few refurbishments will be going on, and the parks are staffed appropriately. You will do great, as long as you have a detailed plan and use morning EMH and/or Rope drop as much as possible. Have fun!

We went Memorial Day Weekend this year. Crowd Levels were 8-10 We used TPs, of course and arrived for RD. We never waited more than 15 minutes for anything. As many times as we used TPs before, we were shocked how well we did with such high crowd levels.

As you’re planning, get there for RD and stick to your TP. You’ll be fine! Make sure to download the TP app to your phone and use that in case you have to make adjustments to your TP throughout the day. AND BRING A PORTABLE BATTERY CHARGER FOR YOUR PHONE!